Comic-Con & Who’s Your Favorite Nerdy Actor?

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Are you a Comic-Con fan? Whether you are or not, try this on: did you know about Comic-Con five years ago? Lots of people didn’t. And for the seven people in North America who have somehow managed to miss the publicity onslaught that accompanies the now very famous event, here goes: Comic-Con is an annual gathering of people interested in entertainment and technology with an overarching emphasis upon comics, science fiction, and that which has traditionally been associated with nerdy, geeky pursuits. In fact, that’s not even true anymore because it’s not just for nerds – it’s for everyone now. Particularly since those people who were once ridiculed for being bookish and consumed with sci-fi, fantasy, the paranormal, and superheroes are now running social media outlets, movie studios, and huge entertainment conglomerates all over the place. It’s really sort of fitting, actually: the nerd is now king, and Comic-Con is sold out.

Is it surprising? Not at all. Think it’s not anything that you’d care about? Maybe not, but I’ll bet someone you know (or spawned, or are related to) loves this stuff. Think about it:  consider the highest grossing movies of all time: Avatar, Titanic, Pirates (3 of them) Lord of the Rings, Harry & The Dark Knight.  With the exception of Titanic they’re all fantasy stories designed to capture young peoples’ imaginations. Plus, each of them benefited from outrageous special effects and massive tech-y features that made them spectacular, regardless of the dimension in which they’re viewed.

Heard the term Geek Chic? Antiquated. Passe. Because now, if you want your property showcased, and this goes for everything from Twilight and True Blood and Star Wars/Trek to Torchwood and Superman, Glee, CastleSpiderman, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead,  The Hunger Games, Vampire Diaries and the Simpsons – see the variety here? – you need to be in San Diego this week.  In front of those hundred and some thousand people who have already bought tickets. That’s how big Comic-Con is. Which is why this year it’s actually sold out. A quick check to the Comic-Con website (my first ever) revealed that indeed there are no more badges available. So the old me thought “That’s a shame. I’ll bet there’s tons of kids who still want to go”. Until the newer, techier me thought “Wait, I’ll bet they’re selling tickets at one of the many media outlets that some savvy nerd came up with years ago – like Ebay!!” So I checked and sure enough, you can find tickets all over the internet. Thus, even if one doesn’t plan to attend Comic-Con, isn’t it nice to know that there are folks out there whose programming skills and web-site wizardry made it possible for the rest of us to at least have a shot at that Golden Ticket?

Today’s poll:

Comic-Con is happening this week. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these actors plays your favorite nerd:

1)   Steve Carell

2)   Anthony Michael Hall

3)   Christopher Mintz-Plasse

4)  Rick Moranis

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