Movies: Can Mila & Justin Overtake Captain America?

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Today, the week’s new movies. But first:

Here’s a conversation overheard between Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman while both lounged on the set of Black Swan:

Mila: I’m telling you Nat. This movie’s gonna be HUGE. You’ll see; for once you’ll get the recognition you deserve. And those Star Wars geeks will finally leave you alone.

Natalie: Hope so.

Mila: Hey, what are you reading?

Natalie: It’s the script for a new movie I’m about to shoot. About people who hook up – without having a relationship.

Mila: What??

Natalie: Yeah, it’s called—

Mila: Nat! No…that’s the new movie I’m doing! Are you kidding??

Natalie: No, you’re not. You’re doing a different one.

Mila: How do you know?

Natalie: Because I already read your script. They gave it to me first.

Mila: Why didn’t you do that one?  

Natalie: I wanted to do this one (she holds up a script that says “Untitled Ashton Kutcher Project”). I promised Ashton.

Mila: But this one sounds –

Natalie: – Exactly the same. I know. Don’t worry Mil. Besides, yours is directed by Will Gluck – he made Easy A, which was amazing.

Mila: Yeah, but your movie opens first!

Natalie: I’m telling you…it’ll be fine. I feel like it’s gonna be a good year.

Mila: You don’t think anyone will notice that we’re both making the exact same movie–

Natalie: Not at all. Besides, Justin’s really excited about this.

Mila: Timberlake?? He’s starring in this?

Natalie: Yup.

Mila: Hmm. Not gonna tell Macauley about that.

Natalie: Just do it Mila. It’ll be fun. And Justin’s a blast. Everyone loves him. Well, maybe Macauley won’t.

Mila: You don’t think anyone’s gonna–

Natalie:  — have trouble believing the concept? That guys are happy just to hook up with us – and nobody really wants a relationship? Of course it’s preposterous. But that’s what makes romantic comedies so much fun!

Mila: Wow. You’re so wise, Nat.

Natalie: Hey, do we have any pickles on set? I’m having a strange craving for mint-chocolate chip ice cream on a baked potato with pickles. Hmm. Are you having any food cravings? Must be all that dancing…

This probably didn’t happen, but Friends With Benefits – opening tonight – certainly looks an awful lot like No Strings Attached. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Furthermore, if we can’t suspend our disbelief long enough to accept that anyone would  just want to hook up with and not date Natalie, or Ashton, or Mila, or Justin, then we shouldn’t be at silly romantic comedies in the first place. I know I’ll see FwB  immediately. It looks fun.

Also opening in theaters today – and this one’s expected to do very nicely – another superhero flick: Captain America. Here viewers get to play the ultimate Patriot Game, as envisioned by Marvel Comics. Chris Evans stars as a skinny guy who gets way too much sand kicked in his face, only to turn around and become WW2’s most spectacular bionically-engineered crusader. If this works (and it probably will) Evans will become a massive star.  Now, for those who want to see something slightly different, but maybe still kinda epic, there’s an indie film that won big at Sundance called Another Earth. Evidently it really is about a parallel universe, but it’s from some relative unknowns: Community’s Brit Marling and Mike Cahill. Meanwhile, for those preferring something darker and more sobering we have Sarah’s Key – a Holocaust drama that stars Kristin Scott Thomas –  which also looks like pure and unadulterated Oscar Bait for the English actress.

Will any of these movies topple Harry Potter? Probably not. But at least two of them look like a lot of fun. And all four of them look pretty good. I’d say it appears to be a great weekend for movies. Let us know what you see and as always, what you thought.

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