Who Are Hollywood’s Top-Earning Actor$?

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How much did your favorite actor or actress get paid last year?

Everyone wants to know what Hollywood’s A-List performers are worth and according to a brand new report, there may indeed be a lucrative future in the movie-star business. Or so these figures would lead us to believe, as tallied over the past year combining cash from movies and various other projects. Which appears to have made this crop of attractive people quite rich indeed.

Forbes compiled their annual list of Tinseltown’s top earners  – and while the numbers are kind of stunning, the names are not. First among the boys? Leonardo DiCaprio is indeed king of the world with $72 million in the bank from last year’s projects. In second place we have People’s Choice fave Johnny Depp earning a cool $50 million, while in the third spot funnyman Adam Sandler culminated his year with a $40 million dollar paycheck.  Rounding out that top ten list we have Will Smith ($36 million), Tom Hanks ($35 million), Ben Stiller ($34 million). Robert Downey, Jr, ($31 million) Mark Wahlberg  ($28 million), Tim Allen ($22 million), and Tom Cruise ($22 million). Right behind these boys we have a tie, because Jim Carrey, Daniel Craig, Robert Pattinson & Brad Pitt each enjoyed a $20 million dollar payday.

Now, we head over to the girls. It should be also be noted that these dollars are not just compiled from their pictures alone  – in many cases there are very lucrative products (like those fragrance launches) which can add considerable ka-ching to anybody’s bottom line. Similarly, lots of big budget movies get stars involved not just as actors but also as producers – so they take a cut of box office results, which certainly helps buy flashier homes, splashier swimming pools, bigger jets, and better lawyers.

Among the ladies, top honors went to Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker, each of whom brought in $30 million last year. Another one of America’s sweethearts, Jennifer Aniston made $28 million, while pretty woman Julia Roberts tied with Twilight’sBella – Kristen Stewart – and each earned $20 million. Completing that list we have Katherine Heigl at $19 million, Cameron Diaz with $18 million, Sandra Bullock taking home $15 million and grande dame Meryl Streep looking at a $10 million dollar year.

What do you think? Is your favorite on this list? Now let’s go to the poll – where you can give us your opinion on all the top finishers (boys today, girls in tomorrow’s poll).

Today’s poll:

Forbes has compiled its annual list of the highest-paid actors. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which one of these top earners is your favorite:

1)   Leonardo DiCaprio ($72 mil)

2)   Johnny Depp ($50 mil)

3)   Adam Sandler ($40 mil)

4)   Will Smith  ($36 mil)

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