Family Movie Night’s Here (and this one’s a really good spy yarn)

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Today we shift gears a bit on the heels of yesterday’s Highest Paid Actors’ discussion. In fact, if you’ve had it with movie stars and ridiculous paychecks, read on. How about the gratuitous stuff on TV that’s suitable for some of your family – part of the time?  Obviously the magic of modern entertainment is that there’s something for everyone; on the other hand sometimes it’s fun to reset, regroup, and watch something that was actually made for everyone to view simultaneously. Together. When’s the last time you had one of those nights?

If this sounds appealing, things are looking up. Because it’s time for another one of those NBC Family Movie Nights – and if you’ve seen the last few (they happen every few months courtesy of Walmart and P&G) the good news is that they’re fun, smart movies the whole brood can watch together – and genuinely enjoy. The really good news? This latest one, Who Is Simon Miller? – absolutely looks like the best one yet.

Now, Full Disclosure: I love spy stories. A lot. And my favorite kinds of spies are the ones who look like regular people until you find out they’re leading extremely dangerous double lives. Who doesn’t like a movie like that? Plus, I’m not a big fan of violence, so if I can catch a spy movie that isn’t too violent, that is maybe even funny? I’m sold.

Evidently, such is the case with Who Is Simon Miller?  – the story of a family man with two kids and a wife, who’s always off travelling on business. We know that drill. Overworked, absent, the whole deal. The kids are totally preoccupied and Mom’s one of those people whom you’d never expect to be thrown into an espionage situation until – bingo! – Dad disappears, Christine Baranski comes on the scene (which always improves everything about 250%) and  next thing you know everyone’s on the run. And in lots of trouble. That is, once Dad warns them not to answer the phone or speak to the police or do anything that the rest of us might immediately do. You know…the old Uh-Oh, I-Just-Discovered-My -Mild-Mannered-Dad’s-A-Spy tale. Hooks me every time. And this one looks very good. The cast is awesome – Loren Dean (you might know him from Bones, I will never forget him from Say Anything) is Simon, Robyn Lively plays his unsuspecting wife, and Christine Baranski’s the competent boss lady who can unravel all the mysteries and save said alarmed family – or can she?  Guess we’ll have to tune in. Which I’ll do.

Who Is Simon Miller? airs Saturday night at 8/7c on NBC. If you’re in the mood for a TV movie that everyone can watch – together – that promises genuine intrigue, danger, and suspense (that also doesn’t talk down to anyone), I’m thinking this might be the one to watch.

Let us know what you think.

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