Who Are Hollywood’s Top-Earning Actresse$?

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Do you think they should be remaking Bewitched? How about Dirty Dancing? We’ve already asked you about Footloose, and most people are skeptical. I’m iffy too, simply because I have trouble buying a town – no matter how small – that bans dancing. Perhaps this happens all the time but it seems like a movie conceit we could swallow maybe twenty-seven years ago — not today. And you know how there are some remakes where the curiosity factor alone gets you into the theaters? Footloose is not doing that for me either. What do you think?

By the way, Jennifer Grey has already given her “blessing” to the brand new Dirty Dancing picture. Which is certainly a beloved seal of approval, but it’s also a plain old savvy move on her part –  when you’ve won Dancing With The Stars and you’re trying to maintain a career, the last thing you want is to be regarded as Baby Who Got Put – and Left – In a Corner and Is Now Very Bitter.

Now how about the latest: Bewitched?  They’ve just ordered a script for a new TV series based on the classic show. Which was pretty sublime. The question is, can they make an implausible story work today that launched during a far more innocent age (the mid 1960s)? Will audiences buy something as out-there now as they did then? Aren’t we too cynical? (On the other hand, Buffy and Third Rock seemed to do just fine). Let us know if you think Bewitched is genius, inspired, or a lousy idea. Also let us know if you think Jane Lynch should somehow be involved.

I bring up the remakes issue because it still seems divisive. Plus we keep getting comments from readers who want to know if there are actually any new ideas at all in Hollywood right now. I’m not entirely sure what the answer is (and it’s complicated because when you retool/reboot/reimagine something and it’s a massive hit like a Batman or a Spiderman, it’s no surprise when nervous executives opt to duplicate this).

Still, if we are wondering about whether there is any true innovation or shocking creativity afoot on the pop culture scene, we need only look at the headlines. My absolute favorite of the week, which definitely goes in the category of  “Nailbiters/The Suspense Was Killing Us” screams thus:

Kate Middleton Makes Vanity Fair Best-Dressed List

There’s your answer. Shocking stuff, too. Right? Does anyone else feel like the obvious is being stated but gussied up and called “news”?? Because if one of the world’s most familiar – indeed most showcased & paraded – ladies isn’t on VF’s best-dressed list, we’d have a problem. If the future Queen of England (and I get it, she’ll technically only be the Queen Consort because she’s not Family) can’t make that list – isn’t something very askew on Lake Privilege? Of course the point is when you spend that much money and likely time on your wardrobe and everyone on earth within a mile of a newspaper kiosk knows it, should this fact be a surprise to anyone? Anyway, as it turns out, there may not be a slew of new ideas or groundbreaking revelations in the news today. At least not the headlines I’m seeing.

Now for our poll – I mentioned last week that we were splitting up Hollywood’s top-earning actors and actresses. We started with the boys. Now, to the ladies.

Today’s poll:

Voice your choice and let us know which of Tinseltown’s top earning actresses is your favorite:

1)   Angelina Jolie ($30m)

2)   Sarah Jessica Parker ($30m)

3)   Jennifer Aniston ($28m)

4)   Julia Roberts ($20m)

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