Kate Middleton’s Jeans & Favorite Summer Reality Shows

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Who saw what movie(s) this weekend? Who knew Rise of the Planet of the Apes would again triumph at the box office? We saw that one coming. What we didn’t see is just how popular The Help would be, bringing in $25 million bucks. That’s a ton of cash for for a little movie that was not expected to triumph and frankly, that’s been kind of poorly marketed. Maybe poorly‘s a strong word – they basically tried to lure everyone in who liked the book with a simple, almost hokey chick-flick-y poster. Which is shrewd to a degree (because you always play to your strongest audience), but perhaps they should have had more confidence. The movie is a LOT bigger than the poster, and this weekend many pals saw The Help and are offering up all manner of reviews – which range, by and large, from “good” to “amazing” – which is, in my opinion, right on the money. Nor, by the way, am I getting any sort of cut for my emphatic recommendation. In Los Angeles when I’m at a party and I meet someone who’s all over this TV show or that film I say to myself hmmm – what’s at stake here …what’s their connection? It’s a natural instinct because we live in an era where everyone’s tied to something. Only in this case, I have no agenda or connection other than the fact that it’s a great film. I’m really impressed with what I saw, doubly so because seeing the trailer I thought gee, that looks boring. Boy was I wrong. So that’s my genuine opinion. I’m not on anyone’s payroll. Which might not be something you’d say about the following news headline:

Kate Middleton Wears J Brand Jeans Three Days in a Row

Did you catch this story in your Daily Newlywed Royal Update? If you ask me, there’s definitely something afoot here with Kate and Those Jeans. For two reasons. One, did she wear them because she could only fit one pair of  jeans into her suitcase while she was traveling? No. Pretty sure she has more than just the wheelie carry-on bag. Particularly since she’s  wearing them on jaunts from home too. And two: when you’re the Duchess of Cambridge and your clothing is scrutinized daily, you know that what you wear is duly recorded by every media outlet (including this one). We read about it, we see a picture, and soon enough everyone wants to purchase it (I have at least two friends who are delighted to sport both Kate & Pippa’s handbags, which were sold out by the time I tried.)

The truth of the matter is this: the great fashion irony among the very fabulous is that the more famous you are (and frequently richer so you could conceivably afford whatever) the more stuff is given to you. Just like that. Totally free. Because designers know that despite spending thousands on advertising, there is nothing so valuable as a famous person snapped by paparazzi strolling into Starbucks in your togs. That’s gold, and that’s just how it works. If you make evening gowns? Forget it. One red carpet appearance can change your business forever.

When you’re at that level of the celebrity spectrum (is it even a level? Is it even a spectrum? Isn’t she at the top of the heap?) you’re beyond aware of the impression you make every time you walk out the front door of your apartment /palace/castle/fortress/island retreat. And if you’re a fashionista —  which she is  — you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that what and how many times you wear something is the stuff of media content. I’m not saying that she broke the J Brand CEO’s garage window playing ball as a child,  or that they have naughty photos of her in some vault, but wearing that pair of trou three days in a row? Not an accident at all. Let’s just hope they send her a giant fruit basket or something.

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