Michael Jackson’s UK “Tribute Concert”: What Do You Think?

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Since it’s Tuesday let’s talk about music. Although today’s topic is anything but harmonious.

Would you go see a Michael Jackson tribute concert?

Well, if you’re going to be anywhere near Cardiff, Wales on October the 8th  you could conceivably catch a live show commemorating The King of Pop called “Michael Forever: The Tribute Concert” starring the likes of Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Leona Lewis, Smokey Robinsonand The Jackson Brothers. The concert commemorates the 40th anniversary of Michael’s first solo release (which was, if you’re wondering, “Got To Be There”). It will be held in Cardiff, at Europe’s largest indoor arena, which holds some 75,000 people.

So far so good.

And kind of a great lineup, right? Plus, there’s a major charity tie-in where people can donate to some of MJ’s big causes when they buy tix. Which can be purchased after people “register” (and the deadline is today) at the show’s website, which is www.michaelforevertribute.com 

Here’s where it gets tricky:

First of all, according to concert promoter Global Live Events, “The Concert is the Jackson Family’s official tribute concert for Michael.”

Okay —  fine and dandy. Plus, family matriarch Katherine Jackson is behind it 100% and has publicly declared her support for the show, along with LaToya, Tito, Jackie and Marlon Jackson. She says she’ll be on hand, and onstage we’ll also get the band 3T – which is made up of Tito’s three sons.

According to CNN however, both Jermaine and Randy are peeved that the show is happening at the exact same time that Jackson’s doc is standing trial for involuntary manslaughter. Consequently, they’ve decided not to support it.

Plus, Jackson’s estate says that they were never contacted about the show, nor have they granted permission to use Michael’s likeness. Hmmm. This would explain why, when I went to the website, there are no photos —  not even an image or a drawing —  of Michael. Even though the whole thing’s dedicated to him.

To make matters worse, it’s just been announced that the band KISS will be a part of the show. Which would normally sound fine, right? Maybe not. Now all kinds of fans are hot under the collar because Gene Simmons reportedly said some pretty nasty things about Michael a few years back.

See why it’s all such a mess? What I’m not clear on is just how this Global Live Events company could pull something like this off without contacting the Michael Jackson Estate. However, when it comes to the bitter squabbling that so frequently accompanies the legacy of a superstar who has passed away, I understand very little.

What do you think? Are you for it? Would you go see it if you could? Is KISS a dealbreaker? Or does the whole different-continent-thing make it less appealing? Let us know.

Today’s poll:

“Michael Forever: The Tribute Concert” will take place on October 8th in  Cardiff, Wales (UK). Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these acts scheduled to perform you’re most excited about:

1)   Cee Lo Green

2)   Christina Aguilera

3)   KISS

4)   Smokey Robinson

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