Weekend: Fall’s First Football Movie is Here

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So the weekend is upon us and as far as movies go, there are a few options. You can go see Shark Night 3D and shriek as bloody limbs and tiny why-bother bikinis get dragged down into murky churning water. In 3D. Or, you can go see The Debt, which is a Holocaust flashback film starring Dame Helen Mirren, Jessica Chastain and Sam Worthington. Now this one looks good, but for my money – kind of heavy for the Labor Day weekend. It may be sort of a downer.

Alternatively, you can spend no money at all and relax in front of the tube watching a fun and even inspiring movie all about professional football. It seems NBC’s showing another one of their Family Movie Night features, and this one looks like a winner. Let me preface this by saying that even before I watched the trailer, they had me with  “Beau Bridges”.

This one’s called Game Time: Tackling The Past and it airs tomorrow night at 8/7C on NBC.

Now, if you haven’t had the chance to catch one of these Family Movie Night films, they’re a great idea and definitely worthwhile. Largely because the filmmakers have managed to create stuff that’s a) appropriate for the entire family, as well as being b) unusually smart and engaging, without c) boring or talking down to anyone. (I can attest to this – I’ve watched them.)

Plus, with fall upon us (my favorite time of year) and the whole back-to-school thing happening, there’s something undeniably appealing about a football movie right around now. Which is why I’m thinking Game Time: Tackling the Past definitely warrants a look. Here’s the plot in a nutshell: we have Jake, hunky NFL star who’s got everything – until he gets a certain phone call because his football-coach dad is seriously ill. Jake will have to return to his tiny hometown – not something a bigshot NFL star always feels like doing – especially when there are secrets he may not want to let everyone in on. Add to this his brother – who’s not an NFL star, with whom Jake has a tenuous relationship at best – and the plot thickens. Pretty sure we can expect a fair amount competitive sibling rivalry and serious family challenges  – but if the trailer’s any indication it looks like a pretty powerful story about going home again. A task which is not, let’s face it, as fun for some as it is for others. Color me intrigued. Beau Bridges (The Fabulous Baker Boys, etc,) plays the dad, Jake is none other than Chuck’s Ryan McPartlin, and Seventh Heaven’s Catherine Hicks also stars as the mom.

If you like sports – or your kids do – this looks like an excellent opportunity  for more than a few reasons. Not the least of which is the chance it gives us to regroup and get the whole gang together — particularly if everyone’s gotten a little too much sun and eaten a few too many hot dogs over the weekend. Let us know what you think about Game Time, and as always, have a safe and happy holiday weekend.

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