All My Children Without Susan Lucci? Would You Watch?

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Today we’re all about those beloved daytime dramas, namely All My Children and One Life To Live, and where they’re headed. The quick and most obvious answer of course is “to the internet”, but clearly it’s a little more complicated than that.

(And if you ask Susan Lucci, it’s a really lousy idea.)

Here’s an analogy. This week I tried Skype for the first time. I know that entire nations have been built, wars have been fought, and boy bands have formed and broken up in the time it’s taken me to try the new technology. Which heretofore seemed quite alien. But I have a dear friend in England who’s been pestering me. Thus, I tried (and liked) Skype. End of story. But as an example of necessity being the mother of invention (or me trying scary Skype) it’s not that different from the Soaps Situation.

Everyone knows All My Children and One Life To Live are going off the air, which is really sad for a lot of people. Actually, for generations of people.  So now, the “good” news is that they’ve gotten a reprieve of sorts – they’re headed online. Which, for many of us, is just fine. We know how to navigate the internet. But what about the hundreds of thousands (maybe even millions) of fans who love love love their soaps but do not love love love (or have access to/comprehend) the internet? What do they do? A few months back I talked about how this online shift would invariably cause someone to figure out a away to deliver online TV shows to people who might not normally watch them. Otherwise we’d have lots of disappointed fans. I have yet to see that device.

In the meantime, if you’re an OLTL fan, you’ll be pleased to note that Erika Slezak, Kassie DePaiva , Michael Easton  and Ted King  have all agreed to continue on with the show in its new format. They’re willing to stick with it – even though folks are saying “it won’t be the same” when it’s online. All My Children, on the other hand, may have hit some snags.

Uh, Susan Lucci fans? Seems she’s colossally unhappy about the whole state of affairs. Nor has she been tentative in voicing this. In no uncertain terms – and even when the internet people allegedly promised her the same compensation —  she announced that she’ll  NOT be ANY part of the new online iteration. In fact she actually penned an epilogue to her autobiography (which is called All My Life: A Memoir) expressing outrage over the show’s cancellation. She blamed the network’s greed. Bottom line: can All My Children survive without Erica Kane? Will all the technology in the world make it right – when someone that key bails? I’m not sure. What do you think? Will you make the “online switch”? Let us know your thoughts.

Today’s poll:

Which of these stars – who started out as Daytime TV Stars – is your favorite:

1)   Meg Ryan (ATWT)

2)   Kevin Bacon (GL)

3)   Julianne Moore (ATWT)

4)   Nathan Fillion (OLTL)

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