Is There Anything Justin Timberlake Can’t Do?

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Gwyneth Paltrow got exactly what she deserved last Saturday night. I think her guest star turn on Glee was sensational, and Emmy voters seemed to agree. For those of you who might be confused, last Saturday Hollywood hosted the “Creative Arts Emmys”. Now, these are still part of same old Emmys that we’ll all watch next Sunday – only there are too many awards and not enough time. So, they split all the Emmys up and the “Creative Arts” part happens the weekend before and those prizes are primarily for behind-the-scenes folks (like wardrobe, casting, choreography, art direction, etc). Notsomuch the actors and actresses. Well, um, except for “guest star” trophies. I know, that doesn’t really follow, does it? But that’s how they do it. So Gwyneth won for Glee, Justin Timberlake won for SNL, Loretta Devine won for Grey’s Anatomy, and Paul McCrane won for Harry’s Law. BTW, Justin won for hosting AND for writing on SNL (guess someone’s not content getting by with just the singing and the acting). People’s Choice Fave Jeff Probst scored as well. They also gave an award to Chrysler’s “Born of Fire” commercial (that’s the one from the Super Bowl with Eminem’s Lose Yourself) which I also think was well-deserved. Although to be fair, that song seems to improve whatever product it’s associated with  – it sure did the trick for 8 Mile.

Then next Sunday we get the Prime Time Emmys, about which I am very excited. Will Mad Men trump the dramas again? Will Boardwalk Empire continue its winning streak (they got 7 awards last weekend)? Do you suppose Steve Carell will get a farewell Emmy? And what of the tough competition in the Supporting categories –or can Emmy hostess Jane Lynch have an even bigger night? So much to watch (and believe it or not, bet on – did you know that there are actually odds and people wager on this stuff? Absolutely true.)

I also got to attend Audi’s gorgeous Emmy party two days ago, wherein one could see nominees in both ample supply and spectacular clothing. The fete was held at a chichi bistro in West Hollywood and featured the likes of Mme. Lynch, Julie Bowen, Melissa McCarthy, Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Octavia Spencer, Rachael Harris and Dana Delany (and those are just the people I saw with my own eyes – I know there were lots more). It was a gorgeous affair, nor could anyone have been nicer – or funnier.  It’s always a little disconcerting however, to behold those same stars who appear in our living rooms weekly reaching gracefully for a canapé directly to your left. But that may never change.

In the meantime, here’s a poll about television in the here and now – as in, let us know your thoughts on the following fall offerings…

Today’s Poll:

The CW has several fall shows premiering this week. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these you’re most excited about:

1)   Ringer (Tonight)

2)   90210 (Tonight)

3)   The Secret Circle (Thurs)

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