Horrifying Ads, Rachel Bilson, and Zooey D.’s Big Fall News

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Who doesn’t love the seasons?

As soon as someone spots the first telltale fiery foliage in New England, millions of people joyously welcome the fall. In all its splendor.

As soon as someone spots the first telltale orange and black decorations in the big drugstore chains throughout Los Angeles, millions of people are similarly alerted to autumn’s majestic bounty.

Which means of course, that Halloween is nearby. So we’re prepared to be ‘scared by’ movies, TV, and all manner of entertainment. Candy. Trick or treating. Kids who look happy. Kids who look vaguely suspicious/puzzled when one mentions those orange UNICEF boxes  – which are clearly a figment in the imaginations of anyone over the age of 42. However (and the ads may not be as ubiquitous elsewhere as they are in Southern California) am I the only person who thinks the promotional posters for this new American Horror Story are beyond creepy and repulsive?? With the figure in black latex and the bare-bellied pregnant lady?  This is the latest FX show from the duo behind Glee, and there’s already buzz that it’s the scariest show anyone’s ever seen on TV  — but honestly, do the posters have to be so gruesomely repellent? Obviously that’s the point, and somewhere there’s an ad agency feeling pretty proud of itself, but it’s really disturbing and I think they went too far. Okay…now to a happy place.

really happy place if you’re Fox Television.

See, it’s still the second week of new fall TV – and even though the window of life for shows is much smaller and things get cancelled much more abruptly if they’re not instant hits, you might not know that it works the other way too. Apparently New Girl is SO whoppingly popular that Fox has already said Okay, we’ll take more episodes ASAP and give you a whole season! Which is great if you’re a fan, astoundingly great if you happen to be Zooey Deschanel, and probably nervewracking if you’re starring on an iffy show like Free Agents or The Playboy Club. Or Suburgatory, which I watched and remain somewhat ambivalent about.  What I’m not ambivalent about is the CW’s new Hart of Dixie which is silly, implausible, inane and mawkish – and yet I’m pretty sure it’ll be one of fall’s most delightful new addictions. For me, at least. Rachel Bilson stars as a hotshot NYC surgeon who, you know, has to up her people skills. So where’s the best place to do that? Oh, probably rural Alabama. It’s a fish out–of-water thing, and she’s super irritating, but of course by the end of the pilot you’re already rooting for the elfin Chanel vixen trapped amongst the gators.

Now let’s switch gears and talk about music for today’s poll; specifically the albums America is really loving this week. With congratulations to 85-year old Tony Bennett for scoring Billboard’s top spot with his amazing record Duets II.

Today’s poll:

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