Another TV Show Cancelled & Clooney/Gosling/Jackman Flicks

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You guys called it in this week’s poll. You knew what TV show would get the axe next.

Before we discuss the cinematic battle between Hugh Jackman and George Clooney – let’s acknowledge the cancellation you all predicted.

Because sadly, the likable Hank Azaria is a Free Agent no more. (He’s having a tough time all around what with those Simpsons salary negotiations…although reportedly those are the kinds of salaries one may not mind fighting over.) But gone is Free Agents, his new comedy with Kathryn Hahn. NBC has already pink-slipped The Playboy Club while re-ordering more  Up All Night (good) and Whitney (baffling) and then, they just couldn’t leave well enough alone. After 4 episodes the show’s been cancelled.

(Meanwhile a certain trio of  Angels remain on national television. Which kind of defies my faith in um, national television. )

Back to movies: this weekend we watch Clooney duke it out with Jackman. Plus, Clooney’s got Ryan Gosling for backup. Never a bad thing. Problem is, Jackman’s got Battling Robots as backup. Which means the Aussie hunk will likely rout the US movie star and his hunky Canadian sidekick. (Think of it as the movie Olympics. And as is the case with so many Olympics – the robots always win.)

The two films are Real Steel and Ides of March. Real Steel stars Jackman as a down on his luck former boxer frustrated robot-boxing promoter who finds a diamond in the rough – a robot everyone thinks is all washed up. Simultaneously there’s a family story here too (maybe this is just so parents have a storyline to follow because let’s face it – all the Transformers set cares about anyway is the Roboto-a-Roboto combat). Let’s not be surprised if somewhere along the way a certain dad discovers his own son has taught him a little something about winning. Just a guess. Good, bad or indifferent, this film will make a total box office killing.

The Ides of March is All The President’s Men meets The Contender for this cerebral, techno-savvy but slightly world-weary generation. We have George Clooney, hot-shot charismatic presidential candidate, aided and abetted by the firebrand Gosling who’s maybe not all that he seems. (Clooney also directed, so they’re dangling Oscar Bait too). Meanwhile, we have to assume Paul Giamatti is going to expose something and be relentless in his pursuit, and we have also to assume Philip Seymour Hoffman will morph into yet another sneaky civil servant. Or an exasperated PR man. Or both at once. This one will be about greed, about knowing too much, and about what people will do to grab the brass ring. But again, just a guess.

In limited release we have two smaller films, one called Dirty Girl which is a 1980’s road movie (expect a fun soundtrack) starring Juno Temple. If you see it and you like her, just know that you’re early to the Juno Temple game, which will kick off in 2012. By then, lots and lots of people will know who she is. Not necessarily in a Jessica Chastain kind of way, but she’s about to get lots of buzz. Then there’s another movie out called The Way,which was directed and stars Emilio Estevez, and which also stars his dad, Martin Sheen. It’s about a journey from France to Spain, and this one has Earnest Father Son Redemption Drama written all over it.

I’m very excited to see The Ides of March. But I’m nearly certain everyone else’s cash will go towards Real Steel– making it the movie to beat this weekend. Let us know what you see and of course, what you think.

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