Scotty McCreery Scores & More Fall TV Pickups

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Think fast: you need to get someone an actual CD for their birthday – there’s no time to order online  – you have to give it to them tomorrow – where do you go?

Um. Exactly.

The correct answer, at least here in Los Angeles, is a bookstore or one of those superstores that sells everything. And I guess Starbucks, too. But of course – sadly —  there aren’t any more music stores left. The reason I bring this up is because American Idol champ Scotty McCreery sold a stunning 197,000 copies of his album in its first week, and he broke all sorts of records (and he’s the only country dude to bust out on top of that Billboard chart too). So my question is: where exactly did those nearly 200,000 people get that music? Were they all electronically purchased albums? Were they a combo of CDs from bookstores and then digital downloads? Not exactly sure. But for today’s poll, we’ll talk about how you think this talented teen stacks up with a few of his predecessors.

Speaking of tunes, do you ever have trouble telling the music awards shows apart – especially the ones that start with the word “American”? I do, so when I discovered that Adele and the rest of the ChartTopperati had racked up several nominations for the American Music Awards, I wanted to know precisely what we were talking about. So I did a little research. Where did they originate? Glad you asked. Apparently they were started in response to the Grammys in 1973 by Dick Clark, and the voting criteria is as follows:

“nominations are based on sales, airplay, activity on social networks, and video viewing” .

Okay. So, much like the People’s Choice they’re decided on by people actually doing the consuming. Which is a good thing. Rather than industry types who have something to gain or lose, and who might not accurately “reflect” what the rest of us want or like. So I’m all for things like the AMAs. And I predict Adele will continue her stratospheric climb.

Now, back to TV…because even though there have been cancellations (and trust me.  There. Will. Be. More.) there’s also some good news to do with fall shows. For one thing, 2 Broke Girls is a hit so it’s gotten a whole season order (it is funny even with that cloying laugh track, although they’re going to have to do something about that horse).

The best TV news? Seems The CW has opted to give us a full season of the beyond delicious Ringer. This is music to my ears because the Sarah Michele Gellar twin-sister-Park-Avenue-switch-mystery is eminently watchable. By the way, Hart of Dixie and The Secret Circle also earned themselves full seasons from the network. Initially I’d found Hart of Dixie charming in a Nicholas Sparks kinda way. Now however,  I can’t get past Rachel Bilson’s lip gloss, Chanel golden ropes, and platform booties enough to listen to the sounds of her (top-flights surgeon’s) heart of gold.

What shows will go next, we wonder? Methinks a certain trio of angels and a bevvy of stewardesses need to watch their shapely backs. But that’s just a guess.

Today’s poll:

Scotty McCreery topped the charts with his debut album. Of these four Idols, whose debut is your favorite?

1)   Scotty McCreery

2)   Kris Allen

3)   David Cook

4)   Carrie Underwood

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