Should Hugh Jackman Be The Next James Bond?

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So Real Steel is the number one movie in America right now – and given what’s opening this weekend (Three Musketeers, Paranormal Activity 3) I say those boxing robots will continue to dominate. Is there anything Hugh Jackman can’t do? He acts, he fights, he sings and dances on Broadway, he’s a “personality” and can host awards shows with the best of them – so what’s left?

Reportedly, his license to kill.

According to the latest buzz (which comes straight from the canniest of publicists’ mouths, natch) Hugh initially turned down the role of Bond a few years back – but apparently the Australian’s having some serious second thoughts. He says they initially offered him the role for Casino Royale – which subsequently went to Daniel Craig, who himself had to endure his fair share of ribbing and outcry when he tried to fill those shoes. Fortunately, Craig pulled it of and everyone calmed down. (When are people going to learn that complaining/emailing/petitioning about the people cast in beloved roles is the productivity equivalent of, say, preventing nightfall?) But why did Jackman originally turn down the ultra-debonair superspy? At the time he was contracted to play Wolverine and felt that he didn’t want to take on two iconic parts. Okay, that makes sense, although I don’t believe for a second that there wasn’t some creative schedule juggling til they arrived at that unfortunate conclusion. We are talking about actors, after all.

So what does Hugh Jackman want? He’s a major movie star, he produces films, he’s got a family and plenty of cash and lots of creative freedom – what’s next? Bond, he says. Daniel Craig’s got the job for now – and ironically both Bond and Jackman starred last year in a play together on Broadway. Last week we talked about Javier Bardem signing on to play Bond’s nemesis in the next installment. We also know that Jackman’s plate is quite full these days – what with signing on to star in the movie version of Les Miserables (that’s the gutsplitting musical that played for thirty-six years on Broadway that began with a loaf of bread and ended in misery. For me, at least.) So Hugh’s tied up, for now. But what happens when Daniel Craig – who’s just married Rachel Weisz, you’ll recall – decides he wants a home in the Costwolds. You know, where he can get away from it all and try fishing or scrimshaw or something. What then? Will Jackman be available? You tell us who you want shaking and not stirring that martini.

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