Milla Jovovich & Her Musketeers: Sour Grapes or Legit Point?

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Before we get to record-setting horror movies that cost nineteen dollars to make and Milla Jovovich’s doomed film, a word about the People’s Choice Awards (nominees are getting selected as I write this).

Have you voted for the PCA nods yet? It’s fun, it’s quick, and we actually listen to what people have to say.Who else does that? Where else can you vote and make an impact without being forced to punch holes in a chad and then weigh in on a deliberately confusing “referendum”?  This is one of the few voting situations where it pays to participate.

Now…did you see any movies this weekend? Were you part of the aiding and abetting process that brought a cool $54 million dollars into Paranormal Activity 3’s bank account? Not only was it a record for October – reportedly it’s the biggest horror opening ever, too. Does this surprise you? (Or did you see it twice and still can’t get enough of those two adorable little girls and the unseen being with whom they share a home?) All I know is that one afternoon a dear friend of mine recounted the events of the first Paranormal Activity and his verbal description alone was so unsettling that I couldn’t sleep that night; a trip to part 3 is not  happening. Given its huge success however, I suspect everyone else on earth will give it a try.

Meanwhile the other two weekend starters –The Three Musketeers and Johnny English Reborn- didn’t do particularly well in light of PA3’s astonishing success. BUT – something peculiar is happening with The Three Musketeers. At first I thought it was inane, but now I don’t. The actress Milla Jovovich  has gone after the studio that released the film and via Twitter she’s accused them of failing to promote the movie. She says they just sat back and did nothing. Hmmm…sour grapes or a legit point?

Okay, so not only is Milla one of the film’s stars, she’s also married to the film’s director –  it’s fair to say she has more than a vested interest in the project. When I heard about it I was puzzled, because usually actors don’t get involved in this sort of thing publicly – lest their careers suffer, they look like idiots, and frequently both. Nor is it ever a good idea to take on a movie studio like Summit Entertainment (who made The Three Musketeers) because they’re riding super high these days on account of a little property called Twilight.Summit made – and will continue to make – boatloads of cash and can pretty much do as they please with the Bella/Edward/Jacob shekels they’ve accrued. However, when I thought about poor Milla’s complaint, it dawned on me perhaps she actually had a point.

When you think about it, there wasn’t a ton of advertising for The Three Musketeers. I don’t remember a single commercial. Not even with Orlando Bloom on board. You’d think at least the Pirates fans should have been alerted…

I see a movie most weekends, and I watch TV all week long; consequently I’m exposed to dozens of trailers and ads. I don’t know about your town but in LA they I think began advertising The Debt in 2009. You all see plenty of commercials too, and are probably just as familiar with what’s out there. Were you surprised by the lack of ads on behalf of a beloved swashbuckling tale? It’s weird. To be fair, the movie’s not gotten good word of mouth. Still, you gotta wonder about whether or not their lackluster performance – at least on opening weekend – is connected to the studio that didn’t do much to advertise. It would be nearly impossible to prove legally, and obviously studios can advertise stuff whenever and however they choose. But I have to say that Milla Jovovich may be absolutely correct; perhaps Summit just felt like they had bigger fish to fry. Like a certain big fish set in the tiny town of Forks, Washington that opens on November 18th. How come we’re all in the know about that movie?

Today’s poll:

Paranormal Activity 3 triumphed at the box office with $54 million. Which of these other top-grossing horror films is your favorite:

1)   The Exorcist

2)   The Sixth Sense

3)   What Lies Beneath

4)   The Blair Witch Project

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