Tracing The Tracks of Jennifer Lopez’ Tears

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Did you hear about JLo’s tear duct malfunction on stage last weekend?  This I’d like to address today.

But first, thanks for all the great feedback on yesterday’s discussion about Milla Jovovich and her Tweets about the lack of promotion surrounding The Three Musketeers. Now, many of you did catch ads for the movie, which probably means they just weren’t running during my favorite shows (Revenge, Ringer, New Girl, Up All Night & A Gifted Man). Perhaps that’s why I saw not one measly commercial. But that which everyone seems to agree upon is that the movie’s less than stellar. Which is too bad for everyone connected to it – Milla included.  Speaking of movies, tomorrow we’ll be talking about PCA’s Favorite Movie Star Under 25 with Moviefone. Who’s your fave youngster? Have you voted for PCA nominees yet? If not, click here.

Now let’s talk about Jennifer Lopez. Who I realize may indeed be going through a tough time. And who loves to wear her heart on her (toned and usually bare) sleeve. Still, I think there was something a little bizarre about her trip to Weepy Hollow last weekend.

While singing at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT, JLo was so overcome by emotion about her recent breakup – and of course, what it’s done to the children – that she could hardly contain herself. In fact, she couldn’t contain herself at all, and was moved to tears. Evidently the audience knew exactly what her situation must feel like, because they responded in kind. She told NBC: “I think that they felt what I felt, which is, you know, I’m just a girl, just like everybody else, trying to find my way.” 

But what prompted the whole thing?  And why is the way that she’s trying to find so much more chic, glamorous and lucrative than the ways the rest of us are trying to find?

Reportedly during the show dancers made -up to resemble JLo’s exes appeared on stage – just to remind us of all she’s been through, I guess. Clearly she was unaware this was going to happen. Because after all, singers are rarely attuned to what will transpire on stage during their solo shows, right? Which means that she was performing in front of an adoring crowd – only to be startled by a little suggestive choreography reminiscent of her high-profile paramours – at which point she thought about it, and burst into tears. That’s probably exactly what happened.

I’m having trouble with this whole crying jag display. Nor is it because she hasn’t been struggling. Or even because the public acknowledgement of those struggles wouldn’t be hard for anyone to swallow. BUT: when you’re that famous AND you’re a judge on the most popular reality show in America AND you’ve got your children shilling Gucci kidswear AND you’ve just launched your own clothing line whose message is all about your origins AND you have a reputation as a control freak, the whole “I’m just a girl” thing doesn’t ring true. Unless she’d recently rented Notting Hill. Which everyone knows is a terrible movie to watch if you’ve just split with your husband.

So why – when you’re so committed to your identity as a maverick, do you choose to share your most personal thoughts in front of 10,000 perfect strangers?  Not saying they’re crocodile tears, but given the deliberate instant nostalgia evoked by dancers-playing-exes, doesn’t the icing on the cake part feel just a little bit calculated? But again, maybe that’s just me.

Today’ s poll:

JLo broke down in tears last weekend in front of adoring fans. Which of these other “public displays” from celebs is your favorite?

1)   Janet Jackson/Super Bowl

2)   Tom Cruise / Oprah

3)   Kanye West/ MTV awards

4)   Christian Bale / filming rant

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