Bruce Willis’ Big Surprise & Bradley Cooper’s NYC Date Night

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I want to discuss (and in one case dispute) three pop culture items today. But first, thanks for your feedback on yesterday’s poll. Seems we have to acknowledge a very popular write-in candidate on our Favorite Movie Stars Under 25Logan Lerman. Lots of people writing in about him, wondering why he wasn’t on the list. The short answer I can offer up is I have no idea. However, it also occurs to me that perhaps if  Milla Jovovich got her wish and the folks who made The Three Musketeers (poorly, I’d add) had publicized that film better, maybe more people would know who Logan Lerman is in the first place. Just saying. Blame the studios. An easy target.

Speaking of things that deserve to get a bit more attention, do you have any idea who the highest grossing movie actor of all time is? Now this is not about salaries, it’s about the actor who– based on his movies’ earnings –  made the most money overall. Our partner Moviefone has reported that contrary to what some people might think, and according to Guinness (because they know a record when they see one) it’s not Johnny Depp, or Leo, or Brad, or Tom Cruise  – or even Will Smith.  The biggest earner of all is an actor who’s popular and supremely talented, but not someone you’d traditionally call a leading man. So who is it? Oh, how about Samuel L. Jackson. He’s 62 years old and he’s been in a hundred plus flicks that have earned $7.42 Billion dollars. That’s a nice calling card. There’s a guy who will never have to look far for work. Oh wait – he doesn’t.

The second piece of news that I find kind of crazy today is all about a hookup. Rather, it’s all about an alleged hookup. That had the Manhattan blogosphere and gossip ‘bloids all a flutter. Hangover star Bradley Cooper – late of romances with Renee Zellweger and a host of other starlets, was spotted in NYC with one Jennifer Lopez. Having supper together at a chichi restaurant. Now, granted, this was before her Britney Tears’ episode last weekend in Connecticut (see Tuesday’s blog) but still – do we buy this? Methinks notsomuch.I’m betting that if they’re not actually about to launch a big joint project they will soon enough – which might be what the dinner was all about. Management says they’re “casually dating” – but for some reason this just feels publicity-ish and only that. What do you think? And if they are in fact dating and this isn’t a stunt, who do you think is getting the better deal?

Finally, congratulations are in order for Bruce Willis – who’s about to become a dad again! Willis and second wife Emma Heming-Willis are in the family way, which will add a fourth member of the Willis brood (he has Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah with first wife Demi Moore). Hats off to a guy who reportedly had one of the very few amicable divorces in Hollywood history, and who’s still young enough to take on more family – at 56. With this in mind let’s take a look at a few legendary dads who decided to revisit fatherhood – when they were older and wiser.

Today’s poll:

Bruce Willis is about to be a proud papa again. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these stars – who had babies in later life –  is your favorite:

1)   Rod Stewart (66)

2)   Clint Eastwood (66)

3)   Sir Paul McCartney (61)

4)   Bruce Willis (56)

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