Miranda Lambert: Gutsy Cowgirl or Glass House Dweller?

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Who on earth does Miranda Lambert think she is?

She may be adorable, she may have a terrific voice, she may have gumption and charm for days, but she sure does say some inane things.

(In case you’re not familiar, Lambert’s an extremely popular country singer with scads of platinum records, recently married to white-hot country singer/Voice judge Blake Shelton. Their union did great things for their combined publicity efforts.)

To backtrack: Reese Witherspoon absolutely, positively should have known better than to sport a contraband $4000 python-skin purse. Hilary Swank foolishly went to a party thrown by a brutal/murderous Chechen dictator and subsequently fired her management when she got in trouble (because she’s not familiar with Google?) These girls probably hope we’ll all forget about those lapses in judgment – and hopefully they’ll be a little on the contrite side of things down the road if the incidents come up.

Not Mrs. Blake Shelton. She appears to be going out of her way to hurl the largest stones she can find from the newest, biggest Glass House on the block.If you haven’t already heard what Miranda told CMT, EW, and every other media outlet whose ear she could bend, here’s what Lady Bountiful had to say about Kim Kardashian:

“I just kind of feel sorry for her in a way…In another way, I don’t. Because you get what you asked for… I think that it’s stressful enough to get married for regular people, like Blake and I, and I can’t imagine all that pressure on her.”

Okay.  Now, even if – inexplicably – the High Road didn’t look like the path to take, does a gal who is sitting so egregiously pretty right now have to bring her own sitch into the mix ? This might not have been such a ridiculous thing to say had her own recent nuptials not been the subject of rampant speculation. Whether or not she and Blake carried on while he was still married is none of our business, but when you’re paddling in gossipy, murky waters of your own, what say you refrain from casting aspersions?  The second thing that I find utterly astonishing here is the “regular people, like Blake and I” part. Really. Really?? It’s good to know she’s just like the rest of us. And a grammarian to boot.

Clearly anyone with an album, or a movie, or a television show to promote is going to take advantage of any opportunity that comes along to get some airtime, and if it’s prime airtime talking about a juicy hotbutton issue, all the better. But this gal – with a brand new album out – is really taking it a bit too far in the Holier Than Thou Department. One more thing she talks about a lot? Divorce. Lambert says: “Divorce is not an option. That’s what my mom has always said. That’s what I’m gonna take to my marriage.” That would be the marriage to the guy who’s on Wife #2.

What do you think about Miranda Lambert? Is she a feisty, opinionated firebrand who calls ‘em like she sees ‘em, or is she less than delicate with her characterizations?

Normally I wouldn’t care about these kinds of remarks – everyone hopes that when they get married it’ll last a lifetime and even the most auspicious unions often don’t. Especially in Hollywood. Nor do I know why her statements are so bothersome, especially since I understand that everyone wants – and needs to give – soundbites to keep the publicity machine rolling and the headlines printing. I do feel however that when you’re young, and you’re in the public eye, and you’re enjoying an enormous amount of success, it never hurts to just say you’re grateful. And keep it at that.

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