PCA Nominations are Here (Now It’s Your Turn To Vote)

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The PCA Nominations are out!

Here they are. (Did you call them?) Were you surprised?

Having been at yesterday morning’s Press Conference in Beverly Hills, I can tell you firsthand that the talent announcing the nominee lineup was second to none. Let’s start it off with new PCA Host Kaley Cuoco – about as sharp, as funny, and as cute as they get. She was fantastic, I’d never met her before and I have to say she’s going to bring something very special to this year’s show. (Nor did it hurt that she whirled in, dressed in retro peach chiffon that knocked everyone’s socks off). Sharon Osbourne? Poised, elegant and hilariously smart. Jennifer Morrison (whose show Once Upon A Time is nominated for a People’s Choice Award) comfy, gorgeous and genuinely thrilled about how fans are reacting to her latest hit show. Busy Philipps, Julianne Hough and Elisha Cuthbert rounded out the array of stunning blondes; the gentlemen present included Joe Jonas, PCA President Fred Nelson and Executive Producer Mark Burnett. Given yesterday’s showing, I’m thinking the awards on January  11thwill indeed be spectacular.

Now all you need do is VOTE. The polls are officially open… and it couldn’t be easier.

You can do it all right here, or you can also vote on Facebook. All we need now are your selections.

This year we had a record-breaking 40 million votes for nominees. The most nominations went to Katy Perry (with seven), while Glee was the most-nominated TV show (another seven nods) and Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, Part 2 was the flick to beat, with nine taps including Favorite Movie.

The other big Hollywood awards show story? Some bad news for Brett Ratner, the director of Tower Heist (and apparently the reason why Eddie Murphy is hosting the Oscars). Seems Ratner – who has a reputation as a volatile and none-too-conscientious guy –  made a pointed gay slur at a recent Tower Heist Q&A. Then, he went on Howard Stern and did some trash talking about his sex life, which as we know is always a good idea. Bottom line? Ratner’s now officially resigned as producer of this year’s Oscars; he’s apologized for the comments and is now aboard the SS Contrition setting sail for hopefully kinder, less inflammatory waters. Oh, and he’s also admitted to lying about dating Olivia Munn. It’s a pretty nasty situation all around. Now whether Eddie Murphy remains host for this year’s Academy Awards is anyone’s guess, but Ratner’s done some real PR damage for himself. What do you think? Should Ratner have stepped down on account of his egregiously stupid remarks? Or, as a few Academy members have said, should he have been severely reprimanded but allowed to stay with the show – because it’s just around the corner (and now what are they going to do??)  Let us know where you weigh in on this mess.

And of course don’t forget to vote on the brand new PCA nominees!

Today’s poll:

Adam Sandler’s comedy Jack & Jill opens this week. Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these other actors playing multiple roles in a movie is your favorite:

1)   Eddie Murphy / The Nutty Professor

2)   Mike Meyers/ Austin Powers

3)   Armie Hammer / The Social Network

4)   Lindsey Lohan/ The Parent Trap

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