DiCaprio, Farrell, Keira K. & Adam Sandler vs. Swords and Sandals

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Now that Billy Crystal’s at the helm of the Oscars, doesn’t all seem just a little more right with the world? So let’s turn our focus to that without which Oscar couldn’t exist: movies.

In fact, speaking of early-buzz Oscar contenders, who’s excited about Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest film – J. Edgar (besides me)? That’s the one all about J. Edgar Hoover, who ran the FBI for more than 50 years with an iron fist and who also led quite a secret life on the side. Clint Eastwood’s latest directorial effort actually opened Wednesday, and it’s already started to make a fair amount of cash. The reviews have been somewhat mixed, although that probably won’t stop Leo’s many, many fans from catching the controversial lawman’s biopic. J. Edgar also stars Armie Hammer – who made an astonishing splash in last year’s Social Network playing both Winklevoss twins – as Hoover’s sidekick Clyde Tolson. The film also features Dame Judi Dench, Naomi Watts, Jeffrey Donovan and Ed Westwick.

Also in theaters, we have Jack & Jill – the latest from Adam Sandler. Here he’s That Guy who gets a visit from His Awful Sister and of course both roles are played by Sandler himself. Full disclosure: my friend wrote this movie so even if it didn’t look good I would still go see it. Actually, it doesn’t look bad if you’re a Sandler fan, although his movies are definitely geared towards a specific audience. I’m betting that this one will make a bundle at the box office and be very popular.

For the swords and sandals set, we have The Immortals; here we get Henry Cavill (hunky English actor most recently tapped to play Superman) as a mortal chosen by The Gods on High to save Greece. Good thing it’s not set in the present. This is absolutely for anyone who loved 300, Troy and/or Clash of the Titans. And probably for anyone who’s not too terribly concerned about ultra-thought-out plotlines or nuanced dialogue. It will, however, be sheer catnip for boys 12-17 and it’ll also enjoy a massive DVD/on-demand life too.

Colin Farrell and Keira Knightley star as doomed lovers in London Boulevard, a new thriller from the guy who wrote The Departed. The best thing about this noir gangster pic may be Ray Winstone who once again plays an English heavy not psyched about Farrell (an ex con) and Knightley (a famous actress) hooking up – and who’ll do anything to stop them. This is in limited release and it hasn’t gotten a ton of press but my guess is that it may be one of those under-the-radar goodies you shouldn’t miss.

That’s what’s playing in theaters right now. What looks good? Will you check out one of these newbies – or will you just sit tight til next weekend because you know, that’s when a certain vampire and a certain ordinary schoolgirl are scheduled to tie the knot in the rainy hamlet of Forks…

Today’s poll:

Which of this weekend’s new movies are you most likely to check out first?

1) J. Edgar

2) Jack & Jill

3) The Immortals

4) Puss In Boots 

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