Hands Down, What’s Harrison Ford’s Best Movie?

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Before we get to today’s PCA Nominee discussion, what do you make of the three remaining Dancing With The Stars stars? Was anyone surprised that Hope is now, well, solo minus Maks and that mirror ball? I’m actually stunned she lasted as long as she did. Care to guess who will win the whole thing? We’ll get back to it next week right before the show, although I am beyond convinced about who’s going to triumph.

Now back to our regularly scheduled PCA Icon-ography.

Where we take a peek at the nominees and see what you think about the people you – and more than 40 million of your friends –selected to compete. Yesterday we talked about George Clooney. Today’s icon?

Harrison Ford. Action star. Kind of the ruggedest thing out there on screen. Right? Kind of always has been, too. Indiana Jones. Han SoloAre there more heroic/badass roles? Did anyone do for fedoras, bomber jackets and bullwhips what this guy did? (By the way – did you know that the Indiana Jones craze dovetailed beautifully with the original Banana Republic store – which first sold only safari wear and other rugged things made out of khaki? Thus, when Indy first appeared America went mad for his look. Nowadays of course, Banana Republic is known as a regular shop with upscale work-y clothes. But before that, the store strictly sold togs for adventure-seekers and the Lost Ark Raiders they hung out with…that’s just FYI).

Back to Harrison Ford – who, it should be noted, also has some fearsome comic chops too. If you’re wondering about this, just watch one of my all time favorite flicks, Working Girl. He is superb. But for sheer action and adventure, nobody else even comes close to Ford. It’s worth mentioning that he also has a knack for embarking on insane death-defying journeys reluctantly, which – in addition to making him doubly sexy, also makes him a bit of a cerebral icon — the thinking-woman’s action hero. Plus we know that he was an actor who then decided that it wasn’t working for him at which point he returned to, em, carpentry. The house on his 800 + acre ranch in Wyoming? He built himself. Plus, there are the airplanes and the helicopters. Not too much the dude can’t climb, scale, build, open, fly, fix, or save. And he’s a three-time People’s Choice Award-winner to boot.

Most people learned about Ford in Star Wars. Or they watched their parents’ VHS copy of Star Wars. But before all that, George Lucas cast him in a movie called American Graffiti, which ultimately got the ball rolling. Then, before Raiders of the Lost Ark made archeology popular and Ford a megastar, there was also a little something called Blade Runner (which is being remade now, and which will not, reportedly, feature Ford). Then there was Witness, which snagged him an Oscar nod, those Tom Clancy/Jack Ryan movies and of course, The Fugitive. If you’re an LA local, you probably also know that Ford’s son Ben is a first-class chef who runs an ultra-cool restaurant called Ford’s Filling Station which is out of this world food and drinkwise.

So is Harrison Ford your choice for PCA’s Favorite Movie Icon? If he is, be sure to let us know by voting. Now’s the time to let your voice be heard!

Today’s poll:

Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and tell us which of these Harrison Ford movies is your favorite:

1)    Star Wars

2)    Raiders of the Lost Ark

3)    Blade Runner

4)    Air Force One 

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