What’s The Best Biopic Movie Ever?

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Do you read and/or like biographies? I tend to avoid them because they rarely have enough dialogue for my taste. Although some make up for the dearth of conversation with cool photos, so there’s that. But frequently watching can be more fun that reading. Biographical movies, or biopics, on the other hand, can be very cool indeed. Absolutely fascinating, if they’re done well. Especially when they focus on music. A report about a new biopic definitely bears mentioning. In fact, if it’s accurate it’s a little bit of musical deliciousness: Freddie Mercury, the late, great lead singer of the band Queen, will be brought to life on the big screen by one of entertainment’s brightest, funniest, foulest and most gleefully controversial stars: Sacha Baron Cohen.

Can you imagine Borat singing Bohemian Rhapsody – for reals??

Now some people love the biopics, some don’t, but of late they’ve become known for two things. One:  it’s hard to tell a story about an “icon” without trying to make sure viewers know about the “icon” part A.S.A.P. Now, since the subjects of these movies aren’t always household names, the fact is filmmakers sometimes try to sugarcoat them and make them ultra-polarizing/sappy/triumphant/brutal/poignant/harrowing, etc. – so you get a big dose of that star. They’re often tearjerkers, painted with broad brush strokes for maximum effect. Second? Biopics are Oscar Bait, pure and simple. Think about it. Ray. Marty.The Queen. Ben Hur. Patton. Raging Bull. Coal Miner’s Daughter. Ghandi. Milk. Capote.  And those are just the ones who have won Best Something awards. Plus keep an eye out in January for Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady because it’s a guaranteed Best Actress nominee, and quite possibly she’ll take home yet another trophy.

Known to many by his alter egos BoratAli G and Bruno, Sacha Baron Cohen is clearly one very smart, very creative chameleon who appears to have no inhibitions whatsoever.  The Freddie Mercury movie is allegedly in production and the producer’s acknowledged that – for now – Baron Cohen is aboard. To which I have to say, bravo. There’s a movie I’ll watch in a heartbeat. What about you? Would you watch a Queen biopic?

Another piece of cool biopic news? Steve Jobs, Apple’s legendary founder (and life-as-we-know-it-game-changer) who recently passed away, is yet another icon worthy of rendering on the big screen. The two actors reportedly in hot contention for that role? George Clooney and Noah Wyle.  Wyle has already played Jobs in the TV movie Pirates of Silicon Valley and George Clooney, is, well, George Clooney. Who do you think should play Jobs?  It seems doubtful that they’ll go wrong with either actor, although the buzz at this point is leaning towards Clooney. He is, after all, a People’s Choice Favorite Movie Icon nominee. This will no doubt be a pretty intriguing film. Besides, isn’t it time Jobs’ own words had some place to live other than quoted on everyone’s Facebook pages? (By the way, Aaron Sorkin, who wrote the Facebook Movie, is already on board to write the Steve Jobs’ biopic screenplay).

Before we get to today’s poll, have you voted yet? January the 11th is approaching rapidly and we need to know what you think about the stars and stuff you’ve nominated for awards. So let us know your thoughts and tomorrow we’ll talk about one of Hollywood’s greatest living actors (who starred, incidentally, in one of the biopics mentioned today and won an Oscar for it…)

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