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Before we get to our Favorite Movie Actress, I’d like to say something about Alec Baldwin.Who was unceremoniously ejected from an airplane yesterday on account of his refusal to quit playing a video game. Well, originally they called it a video game and then Baldwin himself clarified it by tweeting that he was engrossed in Words With Friends. Normally I think stars who feel they don’t have to abide by the same rules as the rest of us are being foolish, and more than a little holier than thou. On the other hand, as soon as I read the Words With Friends part my heart just went out to him. As someone who also has trouble not playing that game (but I could certainly quit any time I want) I understand exactly how difficult it is when you know that you’re about to be airborne for five hours. So, if in fact this is what happened, I completely understand why American Airlines behaved the way it did. Trouble is, as an avid WWF player I also understand why Alec behaved the way he did too. Although it still doesn’t make it right.

Now to our Favorite Movie Actress discussion.This lady is one of my personal favorites, for even though I’m quite keen on each of PCA’s nominees, she tends to star in romantic comedies which are always top of my list, genrewise. She’s also super-talented and about as easy/ fun to watch as anyone.

Which is why America loves Jennifer Aniston. We actively love to watch her, we love to laugh at her, we love to worry about her and we want her to wind up happy. In real life, just as in movies. If the tabloids are to be believed she ‘d like very much to have a child and regardless of the whens and hows, one thing is certain: any spawn of America’s Favorite Friend is guaranteed to be pretty cute.

She’s been nominated for nine People’s Choice Awards and won five of them.  She also has an Emmy and a Golden Globe. She first entered the American consciousness because of Friends, the blockbuster that changed popular culture, dating rituals, hairstyles, clothing, and our coffee intake as profoundly as anything on TV ever has. Friends lasted ten years, during which time she stepped out and made a few mainstream movies (like Bruce Almighty and The Object of My Affection) as well as others that are still indie favorites (i.e. The Good Girl and Office Space). During that period she also met and married Brad Pitt, and together they were Hollywood’s reigning golden couple, all of their comings and goings meticulously documented in the press. As is typical of this modern privacy-less era however, the press coverage also included what turned out to be a very messy divorce and Brad’s subsequent coupling with Angelina Jolie. Now that pair’s every move is documented, but it was Jennifer Aniston America was truly worried about. She was the scorned wife who got left for someone a little more vixen-y, and regardless of the moral and ethical elements, hers was immediately the side everyone took. In fact, despite her massive success in movies, America is still fascinated with her well-being; Jennifer Aniston’s just one of those gals you hope succeeds.

Aniston has also been one of the few Friends to truly make it in movies. While some of her cohorts have seen great success in TV (like real-life bestie Courteney Cox with Cougartown) with fortunes both waxing and waning, hers has remained very consistent. She’s hilariously funny and unlike so many actresses of her generation she’s never been afraid to make fun of herself.  Nor does she hesitate to play genuinely unlikable people. Did you see Horrible Bosses?

Her on-camera persona at least is so natural, and her behavior so familiar and comfy that audiences direct an almost instantaneous empathy towards her.  She’s known for creating ultrabeleivable characters whose realizations can be followed in real time – there’s nothing actor-y about her. In February, she’ll star opposite Paul Rudd (also a comedic genius) in a new comedy called Wanderlust about a newly unemployed couple who wind up in a commune. Can’t wait. Is Jennifer Aniston your favorite movie actress? Let us know your thoughts and weigh in on her movies.

Today’s poll:

Which of these Jennifer Aniston movies is your favorite?

1)    Office Space

2)    Marley & Me

3)    The Bounty Hunter

4)    The Break-Up 

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