R I P: Harry Morgan & Emma Stone’s Best Movie Is…?

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Before we get to our final Favorite Movie Actress we do have an obituary of note…Harry Morgan, the actor best known for playing Colonel Potter on the long-running TV series MASH has passed away at age 96. Morgan had quite an illustrious career on both Broadway and in Hollywood, and didn’t even join the cast of MASH until he was 60 years old (he also took home an Emmy for his work in the beloved Korean War ‘dramedy’).Additionally, he played Officer Gannon – Joe Friday’s sidekick – on Dragnet in the 1960s. A formidable actor and part of a truly groundbreaking show, Harry Morgan leaves behind a tremendous legacy and millions of fans.

Now, to our fifth and final PCA Favorite Actress Nominee: the very lovely, very talented and very young Emma Stone. Who appeared seemingly out of nowhere and caught people’s eye with the Judd Apatow film Superbad. Which is not necessarily easy to do since Apatow movies tend to be buddy-comedies with a serious raunch factor and the ladies don’t always get much spotlight. Emma Stone did, at which point she followed this up with a little -seen movie called The Rocker (starring Rainn Wilson) where she was the starlet in a high school rock band. (BTW, if it pops up on your TV or rental queue, The Rocker is genuinely funny and kind of an under-rated movie.) It would not be until Easy A that Emma really hit big; the teen comedy, while not outrageously novel in storyline, easily outclassed everything else in the genre that year and made Stone a hot commodity. She also got a Golden Globe nomination.The movie was delightful, and part of her charm lies in the juxtaposition of very pretty young lady with a low and somewhat breathy voice (it’s served Demi Moore rather well, too.) Stone’s delivery tends to be somewhat beyond her years – this coupled with an obvious intelligence and even cynicism makes for a fascinating performer. Plus, the self-effacing thing doesn’t hurt either, which was on display in Crazy, Stupid, Love which I thought was just crazy, stupid, good. The fact that she could hold her own alongside Steve Carell, Julianne Moore and Ryan Gosling was really impressive. If anything, that movie could have featured more of Stone and Gosling together – they had terrific chemistry that hearkened back to the more stylized films of another era.

She then followed this up with a movie that’s definitely one of the year’s best, and it’s also one that may very well bring in a boatload of awards nominations: The Help. Here Stone was the movie’s protagonist, an intelligent young coed determined to chronicle the lives of African American women in the Deep South during the 1960s. She may very well get recognized for this film – hers is a low-key performance that feels just right, and she centers the whole movie beautifully.

Plus, she also has a number of huge films enroute. In fact, she’s is now rumored to be dating her Spider-Man costar Andrew Garfield (he’s also one of those youngsters enjoying a meteoric rise). They’re neither confirming nor denying, but it sure makes for an appealing couple. Of course, when The Amazing Spider-Man actually hits theaters next July, you can expect that both stars – together or not – will become major household names.Is Emma Stone your Favorite Movie Actress? Let us know your thoughts…

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1)    The Help

2)    Crazy, Stupid, Love.

3)    Easy A

4)    Superbad

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