What’s Rob Pattinson’s Best Movie?

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The People’s Choice Awards are almost here. We have one or two major holidays and then –  POW! – it’s January 11th and we’ll be broadcasting live from Hollywood. So, today we return to our Favorite Movie Actors. To recap: Daniel Radcliffe, Hugh Jackman, Johnny Depp are the first three nominees.

When the book version of Twilight was first published I had no idea what it was, and thought it just another silly young adult tome  that featured fluffy, angst-ridden characters saying inane things. A great many of my friends still think that about the Twi-canon but curiously, once I saw the first Twilight movie I absolutely and irrevocably hooked. Not exactly sure why, but something about the whole ordinary-girl-and-extraordinary-circumstances thing was extremely appealing. Not to mention effective – obviously I’m one of literally millions of ordinary girls who got swept up by precisely the same thing. The other factor that made Twilight so captivating (long before I ever glanced at any of the books) was Robert Pattinson. Our fourth PCA Favorite Movie Actor nominee. The guy whose life changed with one movie, but whose career will no doubt flourish long after Breaking Dawn: Part 2. Which, if you’re  wondering, doesn’t come out til a year from now.

Pattinson is that young London-born swain with the unkempt hair who didn’t appear from nowhere – as has frequently been reported. Because even though he wasn’t a household name, a significant speaking (and dying) role in a Harry Potter movie is nothing to sneeze at. He also had a career as a model and a few – by his own admission – squandered London theatre roles he’d just as soon forget.

Now,  the Twilight fan base is a fickle and capricious one: they knew exactly who should and who should not bring Edward Cullen to life on the big screen. As, apparently, did author Stephenie Meyer. But after an exhaustive search director Catherine Hardwicke (and allegedly Kristen Stewart) prevailed and they got Rob. Who was initially spurned, scorned and called all wrong for the role. However, once the movie opened …well, you know what happened next. Add to his basic skill sets the fact that he sings, composes, and plays several instruments well (like movie soundtrack well) and you might have someone just a bit more complicated than the average hunk.

Is RPattz a teen dreamboat? You bet. But does he have appeal across all age groups? Absolutely. Plus, not all teen heartthrobs carry over into adult ranks. But something about this young man – and his genuine humility – leave all who encounter him most impressed. It’s also to his credit that regardless of what he and Kristen Stewart have been up to, both have addressed rumors in a most unHollywood fashion: they’ve said nothing. How refreshing to keep your mouth shut in a town that lives on doing otherwise.

The other thing here is that Pattinson can act – which you cannot always say for every member of that Twilight cast, let alone many young people in the spotlight today. Attractive as they are. He’s already made a few films while completing the five year, five film behemoth that is Twilight, including one of my faves, Water For Elephants. The movies were all differently received, but one thing is clear – this is an actor with a future who’s already determined to break out of any teen molds Hollywood has seen him in…and it appears to be working. Audiences can catch Pattinson next in Bel Ami, a period piece with Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci, and then in David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis after that. Nor is either role in the Cullen/Vamp mode. Is Rob your favorite movie actor? Let us know what you think of him – and where you think he’s headed.

Today’s poll:

Which of these Robert Pattinson films is your favorite?

1)   Remember Me

2)   Water For Elephants

3)   Breaking Dawn: Pt 1

4)   Eclipse

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