Newly Engaged Celebs: Which Ones Will Last?

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Two things always crop up at the end of the year. First, there are “Best of” lists, to include movies, TV shows, albums – even “moments” that all pundits wish to showcase. Because let’s face it – everyone loves a list.It’s fun to look back and see where our hard-earned entertainment dollars went. The other thing that tends to crop up at the end of the year – specifically during the holidays, are engagements and splits. Lots of stars like to announce their “separations” during this time because they know that there’s a greater chance that less press will be at work  – thus you and your pending divorce can fly under the radar for a little bit. That’s why publicists say it’s better to deliver “bad news” on a Friday because then you can catch more journalists off guard. Similarly, soft and fluffy news is also met with a kinder eye around Christmastime because the theory is that everyone’s feeling that holiday, um, joy.

That said, there’s not much that can be said about Sinead O’Connor’s baffling 18-day marriage except that we’ll probably never know what really happened. Perhaps the bigger story has to do with the bizarre circumstances that led this couple to tie the knot (in a Vegas chapel, no less) in the first place. Similarly, the varied antics in the aftermath of Demi and Ashton’s “split” are just that and will be covered by the press with a fine-toothed comb so nobody needs to discuss those new “developments” – since they probably aren’t developments at all. But they are familiar names and we know they’ve had a bumpy time of it, so journalists will protract it as long as they can during this period of pre-NewYear’s Newslessness.

Know how I know what a bleak news period for Hollywood this is right now? Put it this way – if there was anything newsworthy, we wouldn’t be stuck reading sensationalist headlines like the top one I caught this morning:

The Truth Behind Aniston’s Shocking Cut”

Of course I got sucked in just like everyone else, even though I hadn’t thought Jen’s cut was particularly shocking (it’s not a bob – it’s simply her locks about five inches shorter). So what exactly is the “truth” here? Curiously, it’s the fact that she’s now aware of the need for frequent cuts because it’s more healthy. That’s it. Basic maintenance. That’s the “truth” behind the “shocking” cut. See what I mean about this being a slow news week?

Still, there is some good news concerning a few couples who recently decided to tie the knot. Or, in Hollywood terms, at least they’ve decided to get the ball rolling. Sixty-three year old Steven Tyler has announced that he’ll be marrying thirty-eight year old Erin Brady – even though his family is not happy about it. Reportedly his relatives say she’s “mean” although I don’t know if this means she ignores them (because she’s a model, after all) or if she’s one of those Baroness Schrader types who’d rather Steven not have any old bothersome family at all. Meanwhile crooner/all-around-good-guy John Legend has also announced that he’ll be marrying longtime girlfriend Chrissy Teigen, who also happens to be a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model (you notice these guys never marry stenographers or bookkeepers).

In equally good if unsurprising news, Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves are finally altarbound after several years together. They already have two children – Levi and Vida – so maybe they’re opting to make it all legit for the brood. Finally Britney Spears – no stranger to marital woes, has decided to marry longtime beau Jason Trawick. Fortunately for Brit, he’s not a dancer like the other one, although he does have the entertainment bug to some degree: he’s her former manager. Bravo to these four intrepid couples who have decided to take the plunge! Now, here’s where you get to weigh in on the lucky pairs in today’s poll.

Today’s poll:

Which of these newly-announced engagements are you happiest about?

1) Matthew and Camila

2) Britney and Jason

3) John and Chrissy

4) Steven and Erin

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