New 2012 TV Shows Are Enroute (What Do You Think?)

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The People’s Choice Awards are a week from tomorrow – are you ready for a great show featuring the wildly talented Kaley Cuoco? Did you vote yet? Don’t forget the polls are still open for Favorite New TV Comedy and Favorite New TV Drama…so if you haven’t told us your picks you can still do so now.

Speaking of fave new dramas and comedies (and I have to say that Fall brought us some great newbies) let’s take a quick peek at what’s ahead in the coming months. Several new TV shows will bow this winter – some starting this week, in fact. Many of which are headlined by big and beloved names: Keifer Sutherland will return on Jan. 25th in Fox’s Touch, which is one of the year’s most buzzed-about new dramas. Touch is about a single father who has trouble communicating with his extremely (and mysteriously) gifted son, and it also stars Danny Glover. Fox also has another big show starting up called Alcatraz. It’s about the famed island penitentiary and this one’s from Lost mastermind JJ Abrams (who knows from trouble on islands) and it features Lost alum Jorge Garcia. Here, we get to investigate the creepy reappearance of many criminals and wardens – who disappeared from Alcatraz in the 1960s. Most immediately, ABC has a new show out called Work It that premieres tonight, all about two guys who – due to the economic climate – must dress up like women to secure jobs. Think an updated Bosom Buddies.

Next week we’ll get to see The Firm, from NBC. This legal drama is based on the John Grisham book and movie (which starred Tom Cruise) and Josh Lucas plays our hero, a Washington DC lawyer. Also next week, Showtime’s got a new drama called House of Lies –  about high-powered management consultants. This one stars Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell and if you’ve seen the pilot, you know it tackles some pretty, um, indelicate themes right out of the gate.

Another one of the shows that’s attracting huge buzz is Smash, from NBC (Feb. 6). This stars Debra Messing, Katharine McPhee, and Anjelica Huston in what’s being called a groundbreaking new program about creating a Broadway musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe. Meanwhile NBC’s got another new show called Awake – starring Jason Isaacs – about a detective who’s in a serious car crash which either took the life of his son or his wife (you’re not sure because he lives in two worlds and he’s not sure which one is real and which one is imagined). The sneak peek for this one looks pretty interesting; it was created by the guy behind Heroes.

Looking ahead, Kristin Chenoweth will be back on ABC with GCB (which stands for Good Christian Somethingorothers) and this promises to be a nastily delicious piece of work in the Desperate Housewives vein. Star Leslie Bibb returns to her Texas hometown – a place where she was once a Mean Girl – only now she has to deal with the Mean Girls who never left. ABC’s also delivering up a scary new supernatural thriller called The River, about a famous explorer who goes missing in the Amazon. CBS has a new comedy called Rob, starring Rob Schneider as a guy who marries into a very close knit Mexican-American family, headed up by Cheech Marin. Meanwhile HBO’s  introducing a new show with Dustin Hoffman called Luck, centered on the exciting/dubious/risky world of horseracing. Dennis Farina and Nick Nolte costar.

Those are just a few of the new shows headed our way this winter. Does anything look good to you? Let us know your thoughts. Meanwhile, for our poll let’s look back at the shows you really loved last fall.

Today’s poll:

The ratings for the last fall’s most popular shows are here. Which of the top four is your favorite?


2) Two and a Half Men

3) Dancing with The Stars


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