Should Justin Play Elton on the Big Screen?

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Is there any movie starring Justin Timberlake that you wouldn’t watch? Check it out: he’s gone from multiple Grammy-winning singer to multiple Emmy-winning actor (and writer), to what may be yet another milestone: playing another living, breathing, iconic, super-famous person. (I don’t consider the Napster guy to be nearly as super famous as the fella I’m referring to here.)

But to backtrack – who loves a biopic? I do, except that when I was younger I didn’t know exactly how to pronounce the word (which isn’t a real word anyway, it’s a made-up Hollywood term to denote a biographical movie). If you think about it, the pronunciation should be clear – “bio” and then “pic”,  only I actually thought it was “by-oppick” as in some type of specialized eyeglass lenses.  But that’s another story. The point is “biopics” are often considered “important” and they’re frequently synonymous with “Oscar-Bait”.  For this reason actors love them; they can be a phenomenal showcase for the right star (i.e. Ray, Walk The Line, Piaf, Malcolm X, The Elephant Man, Sweet Dreams, Amadeus, All That Jazz, Raging Bull, My Left Foot, etc…)

But as with all movies – casting is critical. Think about it. Let’s say they made a movie about YOU. And they came to you and said, okay, we’ll take care of the script, we’ll handle the filmmaking part, we’ll even pick the music – but you need to tell US who you’d like in the lead role. You know, to play YOU. 

Who would you pick? Would you opt for someone who looked like you? Would you go with someone who embodied your very essence? Perhaps you’d go with someone hot whom everyone loves? Or would you do all three?

See, there’s a movie all about Sir Elton Johnin the works right now. And because Elton has been nominated for a Golden Globe Award, he’s getting lots of attention these days. (As opposed to all the other days when he remains quiet and out of the spotlight.) The LA Times asked him who he’d want to play him and guess who he said? Justin Timberlake. Because it’s a musical and Timberlake played Elton once before and well, he’s about as popular a singer/actor (and apparently anything else he feels like being) as there is right now. So that fits. Who wouldn’t want Justin Timberlake to play them – even if they weren’t Elton John? Now, when asked who would direct said biopic, Elton explained that they wanted Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge) but that he was too busy. Now according to the Rocket Man himself they do have another director – only it’s still kinda hush-hush so no one’s talking about it (which usually means a) it’s actually down to two people, b) they’re arguing with that director’s agent over cash, or c) they don’t actually have anyone at all yet. But I doubt this’ll be too tough a sell).

Will you watch the Elton John biopic when it comes out? I know I will, although truthfully I’d probably watch anyone starring in Elton John’s life story – largely because it’s going to be fascinating. Plus, Elton’s all tied into Broadway so we know that he likes to have direct input in theatrical projects – we can be sure that any movie about his life will not be lacking his “creative direction”.  But with Timberlake it’ll probably be something really spectacular. Let us know your thoughts here. Then, weigh in on Forbes’ list of the highest paid musical artists – based on their tours last year (Sir Elton is #3).

Today’s poll:

Which of last year’s highest paid musical acts is your favorite?

1)   Bon Jovi ($125 million)

2)   U2 ($195 million)

3)   Elton John ($100 million)

4)   Lady Gaga ($90 million)

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