Martha Stewart Cancelled? Is Dr. Drew Next To Go?

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The Peoples Choice Awards are now LESS than a week away! (Did you vote yet? You still can.) It’s going to be an awesome evening.

Right out of the gate let’s give a congratulatory shout out to one of prime time drama’s great actresses: Audra McDonald – who left the hit series Private Practice to return to Broadway. Seems she got engaged over New Year’s to longtime beau Will Swenson. In fact, both are starring on Broadway right now – McDonald (who has four Tonys already) in Porgy and Bess and her new fiancé in Priscilla Queen of the Desert: The Musical. So congrats to that pair.

Now, for a little not-so -prime time TV drama drama…or perhaps lack thereof.  Two pretty notable TV shows seem to have gone by the wayside, with nary a tear shed over either. First, The Martha Stewart Show has apparently been cancelled and will cease production in April. She was on the Hallmark Channel, and the New York Post says “high production costs and low ratings” prompted the end of the daytime diva’s chat & lifestyle show. What I find shocking here is that even though it’s a big story, it’s not a huge story – which I’d long believed the end of Martha’s TV reign would be. Having ruled home décor, while making gracious entertaining possible and affordable for everyone, you’d think the pink slip stuff would warrant more attention. Unless of course she’s got something else cooking or, more likely, our appetite for that kind of entertainment has changed (please pardon all puns). I feel it’s the latter. Many people just aren’t as excited by her world as they once were. It’s kind of a non-issue. To be fair, that jail time probably didn’t help things along either. Years ago, when I was working in New York I was asked to write the copy for Martha’s very first catalogue – and in so doing I got to visit her splendid offices. Inside of which there was an entire floor devoted solely to her crafts and projects. All day long. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen in my life  —  an enormous floor-through laboratory where all people did was make things. Soap, stationary, tin-foil creations, recipes —  you name it. Martha’s elves’ workshop was quite an incredible thing to behold. So farewell to this iteration of Martha on TV.

The other show that seems to have come to an end is Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew. Now even though they’re not saying anything about a cancelation, the producers are also saying there are no plans for additional episodes. So, um, if we do the math it’s not looking good for Drew Pinsky and his famous faces of addiction. This too, appeared in the headlines for a nanosecond, and even if it’s not a confirmed cancellation, it still seems like a big deal in TV programming. Personally, I found the show kind of icky and even though I’m all for therapeutic remedies and medical help for substance abuse, I don’t think that stuff belongs on TV. While I realize Dr. Drew is a very popular physician, there’s also a fine line between bringing attention to major issues and bringing attention, period. I’m also guessing those celebrity guests who actually lost their battles with various substances and passed away contributed in some way too. For no matter what good was achieved, the whole thing felt harrowing, and not a little exploitative to me. Thus, I’m not crushed that it’s gone. That said, I am astonished that there’s not more outcry because I thought it was extremely popular. Let us know your thoughts on Martha, Dr. Drew, and the potential end of Celebrity Rehab.

Today’s poll:

Martha Stewart’s show will cease production this spring. Which of these TV lifestyle personalities is your favorite?

1)   Martha Stewart

2)   Nate Berkus

3)   Giada De Laurentiis

4)   Tim Gunn

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