What Movie(s) Will You Watch This Weekend?

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Is it just me or is everyone getting engaged?

Before we get to movies, congratulations to Drew Barrymore who herself just displayed a gorgeous engagement ring courtesy of new fiancé Will Kopelman. He’s an “art consultant” and whether or not that’s the same thing as an art “dealer” is unclear. What we do know is that his father is the former CEO of the Chanel fashion house, so we have to assume he’s been exposed to lots of pretty things. Congratulations to both!

Now to new movies…which are looking vaguely lackluster this weekend. Largely because it’s a weird time of year and so many huge movies opened within the last month.The biggest one to hit theaters this weekend is The Devil Inside, and it’s a relatively low-budget number that’s got  nothing to do with INXS and which is supposed to look like a documentary at times –think Paranormal Activity in terms of the genre. The studio behind this film is also responsible for Paranormal Activity, BTW. In The Devil Inside there’s a woman in Italy who gets herself involved in a number of “nonsanctioned” and “unauthorized” exorcisms (who knew you had to be up to code with these things??) She’s trying to determine why it is that her own mother managed to kill a bunch of people while she was being exorcised. From the trailers it looks pretty terrifying, aided by the shaky camera, and the creepy shots of people without eyes. This will, I think, make a good amount of cash on account of it being a) horror, which is a big draw, and b) the only game in town as far as new wide-releases go.

Meanwhile Dennis Quaid is back starring in another thriller about a small town. Beneath The Darkness revolves around a group of kids who witness a murder and who endeavor to catch the killer. Who may or may not be the town hero, otherwise known as Dennis Quaid. See how he fits in?  This one also stars Aimee Teegarden, best known as the coach’s daughter on TV’s Friday Night Lights so she and Quaid should pull in a number of fans.

Speaking of beloved TV actors Ron Eldard’s got a new movie opening up in theaters called Roadie which is in limited release, but which looks kind of interesting. Eldard plays a guy who’s made a living as an actual roadie for a pretty big band – Blue Oyster Cult. With those days behind him however, he must revisit his childhood home to determine next steps. It also stars the very capable Bobby Cannavale, and looks like one of those quirky indies about men confronting the myths/realities of middle age. If it’s playing at a theater near you it just might warrant a viewing. I’ll definitely check it out (although I’m a total sucker for any movie about popular rock bands and the people who have to manage/endure/deal with them).

Meanwhile Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy is being released in more theaters – probably because it’s garnering considerable awards attention. It’s got Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy (among other elite British thespians) and it’s totally worth a look if you ask me. What all these movies want to do is catch up to box office behemoth Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, which continues to do beautifully and enjoy excellent word of mouth. Even critics seem to like it. It’s possible that The Devil Inside will approach the Tom Cruise spy story’s numbers, although people may prefer thrills to exorcisms. This is also the perfect time for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, which has not been performing as well as expected, to jump ahead in the box office race. For my money, I’d wholeheartedly recommend The Artist and The Descendants. If you haven’t seen either/both, do yourself a favor and go. I sincerely doubt either will disappoint.

Today’s poll:

Which of these movies are you likely to catch this weekend?

1)   MI 4: Ghost Protocol

2)   The Devil Inside 

3)  Sherlock Holmes 

4)   The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo 

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