2012 PCAs: Best Moments? & Best Dressed?

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What did everyone think??  What was your favorite part? I had a great time last night and totally enjoyed myself. Best parts of the show in my opinion?  1. Kaley Cuoco did an awesome job. She is funny, she’s lighthearted, she’s easygoing and she kept things moving along. 2. Emma Stone. Not only is she elegant and poised, but she dressed snappily.  This one clearly has a massive career ahead of her. (It’s as if she’s half-your-best-friend’s-kid-sister, and half-the-mysterious-but-well-read-freckled-girl-in-your-art-history-seminar.) 3. Nathan Fillion’s beyond-genius acceptance remarks. 4. Jane Lynch as the Seat Coordinator. 5. Neil Patrick Harris’ trigger-happy host bit. 6. Parks & Rec’s Unique Skill Sets. 7. Betty White’s genuine 90th-birthday humility.  8. The Bridesmaids’ crew’s acceptance speech, 9. Ewan McGregor & Morgan Freeman’s collective gravitas & subtlety, and 10) Robert Pattinson just plain being there. And wisely removing the baseball cap before walking onstage.

Thoughts? I know people were thrilled by Supernatural, Harry Potter and Katy Perry winning big…and I found Chloe Grace Moretz’ remarks astonishing – especially since she is all of fourteen. Having been to quite a few awards shows now, I can honestly say that this one was super fun, it didn’t take itself too seriously (this can kill a show) and it was not too long (usually my main complaint with others). Plus, the stars were literally all over the place. I’ve also been to about a thousand things at the Nokia and the set was every bit as luminous and spectacular up very close as it was on TV.  All in all, I’d have to say a great evening. Hope you all enjoyed it. You sure picked some great stuff.

Let us know your thoughts on Kaley, on the winners, and on the whole night in general. And now to our poll…and of course you know where I’m going with this…

Today’s poll:

Which of these People’s Choice Awards Red Carpet looks was your favorite?

1)   Lea Michele

2)   Nina Dobrev

3)   Vanessa Hudgens

4)   Chloe Moretz

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