Flicks: Beauty/Beast, Streep/Thatcher & Dolly/Latifah

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Who’s up for a long weekend and catching the Golden Globes on Sunday?

Now that awards season has officially begun, and now that some of the smoke has cleared, it’s time to talk movies. Since it is still awards season, however, two things are happening. One, nobody releases any super big-deal dramas (that might be contenders, because it doesn’t matter) and thus we get lots of things like horror. In this case, we have a slasher musical opening which is a great example. That’s right…I said slasher musical. The other thing that happens is a lot of great movies with teensy little releases (in order to qualify for awards consideration) are now spreading wide and so more people can watch them.

That’s exactly what’s happened with The Iron Lady, Meryl Streep’s latest masterpiece. Which everyone should see. Because she’s that amazing. I’m also becoming increasingly over people quibbling about the “plot”. Now I’d never say that a movie’s plot isn’t or shouldn’t be super important, but really…when you’re talking about a biopic starring Meryl Streep, is the plot really ultra-central? I don’t think so. Nor is this story about a specific scandal, or who won what war because of a dirty trick. Rather, the story is about a period in the life of England’s first lady Prime Minister. Isn’t that plot enough??  It’s based on a person whom lots of people remember, not a notorious character. This is not Iron Lady With The Dragon Tattoo.

Also opening this weekend in theaters is Joyful Noise. Here we get what essentially looks like a Glee-type movie, starring two fabulous divas, Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton. It’s not getting the best word-of-mouth, but who cares? I believe this one’ll be a sumptuous feel-good style spectacle and I also think that it’ll be extremely popular particularly given the dearth of feel-good entertainment out there. I’ll definitely catch this.

If you want a super-safe bet, as in so safe you know how popular it will be because you saw it years ago, there’s Beauty and the Beast, rereleased in 3D. Here again we have something that fans will likely attend in droves, plus you get the kids who never saw it to begin with – which should equal smashing box office numbers.

In the neither joyful nor feel good nor horror category we have Contraband, starring Mark Wahlberg as a smuggler who’s trying to protect his brother from bad guys. This will be popular among young men and anyone else who loves a good old fashioned-crime-drama about drug smuggling. This one also boasts rather an impressive cast, with Kate Beckinsale and Giovanni Ribisi along for what may be a bumpy and violent ride.

And finally, my personal favorite (in terms of genre – I won’t actually see it because it looks way too scary) we have Don’t Go In The Woods, which is actually being billed as a slasher musical. This one was directed by TV mainstay Vincent D’Onofrio and it’s about an indie rock band who heads out to parts unknown in order to record a new album in peace and quiet. Unfortunately of course, they aren’t exactly alone. Gotta give D’Onofrio props for working with this conceit to begin with and it will, I am certain, attract a certain underground but rabid fanbase from the getgo. For the kitsch factor alone.

That’s what’s out there thiscoming long weekend. With MLK Jr. Day on  Monday, you have plenty of time to check out all manner of flicks. Plus the Golden Globes are this Sunday night, so that should make for some fun viewing. Especially with Ricky Gervais. I predict the guy from The Artist wins, plus Viola Davis too, and The Descendants should fare nicely as well. As always, let us know what you see and what you thought.

Today’s poll:

Which of these movies are you most likely to catch this weekend?

1)   Contraband

2)   The Iron Lady

3)   Joyful Noise

4)   Beauty and the Beast

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