Cancelled TV, New TV & Jay-Z’s Startling Revelation

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The bad news? ABC’s new mid-season show Work It has been unceremoniously cancelled after just two episodes. This tells you just how serious TV programmers (at the behest of advertisers) are when it comes to yanking something off the airwaves if audiences don’t respond. To be fair, everyone who saw so much as a minute of Work It found it abysmal, but the ever-shrinking window of TV performance/results/life support is a little scary.

The good news? Hip-hop kingpin/all around mogul/brand new dad Jay-Z has announced that he is no longer going to use the “B” word in his lyrics. According to media reports he’s changed his position on the word in the weeks since the arrival of his brand new daughter Blue Ivy. Thus, he’s vowed to eliminate its use altogether in his songs. No word yet on whether the nine other derogatory terms consistently peppering his tunes will be curtailed. But tiny baby Blue Ivy Carter’s already making strides (and with her “vocalizations” on her dad’s song “Glory”, she’s actually the youngest performer to chart on Billboard’s list!)

The other big story (that isn’t about any Kardashians or anyones’ Housewives) is the biopic about the late, great Elizabeth Taylor. Will Lindsay Lohan land that coveted role? All indicators point to ‘yes’ but there’s recently been talk about other contenders – like Megan Fox. Will you watch a big movie about Liz and her ongoing romance with Richard Burton? I sure will.

Back to TV, because even though we are smack dab in the middle of awards season, and even though we’ll know next week who’s getting Oscar nods, there’s still the day-to-day business of prime time. With networks offering up brand new shows definitely worth watching (with the exception of Work It) and gearing up with some pretty intriguing premises (Awake will either be a super cool hit or it will be incomprehensible). Right now, all I care about is that Revenge is back, and that ABC still has a massive hit on its hands. It is by far the year’s guiltiest pleasure and totally worth watching. Nor, if you haven’t given it a chance, is it too late. You can easily watch and comprehend the first season in a few hours – if you liked Dynasty, or you’ve craved anything with convoluted (and frequently implausible) plotlines, spectacular scenery, gorgeous clothes and even gorgeouser stars, Revenge is definitely the way to go.

Today’s poll:

Which of the season’s brand new TV shows are you most excited about:

1) Alcatraz

2) The Firm

3) Betty White’s Off Their Rockers

4) House of Lies

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