Who Should Play Elizabeth Taylor?

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Many, many of our PCA fans love their daytime dramas. So riddle me this: Would you watch General Hospital at night? Not DVR’d or Tivo’d – but during prime time? If General Hospital actually became an evening drama?

If it sounds ludicrous, it’s not. In fact, the idea is being bandied about by ABC right now. Since other beloved daytime dramas came to such unfortunate ends when those “internet viewing” options failed to materialize, perhaps this fate for GH wouldn’t be half bad. The concept would be much like the Spanish-language telenovelas, says TV Guide, who air for a shorter season and during the summertime. Right now General Hospital is benefitting from a major infusion of talent – four stars from the late One Life To Live have agreed to come aboard: Kristen Alderson, Michael Easton, Kassie DePaiva and Roger Howarth. As it stands now, on April 1st the fans can catch the show’s 49th season premiere. Along with a bunch of new fans who will accompany their OLTL faves. The question is – if  General Hospital ever starts airing at night, would all these folks stick with it? Would you?

Moving on, let’s talk about Modern Family. Full disclosure #1: I happen to love this show and find it as delightful as anything I have ever seen on TV. Ever. So now it seems that show’s in hot water with those people who monitor what is and what isn’t appropriate viewing. Full disclosure #2: I don’t swear a lot. Oh sometimes, but not a lot. Largely because I am the youngest of seven children who grew up in a fairly traditional and strict environment: kids shouldn’t drink, smoke, use drugs, swear, or travel in sweatsuits. Thus, while I don’t much care if people cuss around me, I tend not to do it so much myself – and certainly not around the elderly. But now Modern Family’s come under fire because tiny Lily, Mitchell and Cameron’s daughter, allegedly uses the “F” word. Here’s my issue with the groups who are currently protesting this “outrage”. First of all, even though I might not think it’s so appealing or even appropriate, that doesn’t matter –  because it’s 2012. This is not a word that kids don’t hear on every premium cable channel everywhere. But what really bugs me – and I’ve said this before – is how these groups get all up in arms about language but they don’t lift a finger when procedural dramas feature dismembered bodies and all manner of blood, weaponry, and gore. Why is that okay? Why is it fine to tacitly glorify violence and then condemn an arguably groundbreaking show because a little kid says something she learned from her parents? I have trouble with these double standards. Just saying. What do you think? Where do you draw the line on what’s appropriate and what isn’t – and do you feel that your kids are being exposed to too much/too little/ not enough? Let us know.

Today’s poll:

They’re making the biopic of Elizabeth Taylor. Which of these young ladies would you like to see play La Liz on the big screen?

1)   Megan Fox

2)   Lindsay Lohan

3)   Zooey Deschanel

4)   Emma Stone

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