Who Will Win The Best Actress Oscar?

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By the time you read today’s post, the Oscar nominations will be out. Will there be any surprises? Doubtful. Are you going to tune in on Sunday February the 26th? I know I will.

So today let’s discuss some of the races – and please note the predictions are entirely my own and I could be totally wrong, but let’s use them for the sake of argument (this post was written yesterday so I don’t actually know what will happen nominee-wise, but I’ve got some guesses). First, Best Actor…will this one go to fabulous French actor Jean Dujardin for his work in The Artist? I think not, actually. He will be nominated, but I believe the actual prize will go to our very own homegrown movie star George Clooney (did you know both George and Johnny Depp were born in Kentucky?) They’ll both get nominated methinks along with Brad Pitt and Leo and Michael Fassbender (the last for that sex addiction movie that fared better among the arty/indie set than it did in mainstream America). But somehow it just feels like Clooney’s year to shine.

In the Best Supporting Actor Race, it’s too bad if you happen to be Nick Nolte or Jonah Hill or Albert Brooks or Kenneth Branagh or anyone else in that (top flight ) category, because you’ll be tipping your hat in deference to Christopher Plummer from Beginners come Awards Night. That’s a lock.

The big race, or I should say the most interesting race, will be for Best Actress. Because I feel like it’s going to come down to Meryl vs. Viola and it’ll be a tough call. (My guess for nominations? Meryl, Viola, Michelle Williams, Glenn Close and Tilda Swinton). Oh, Michelle Williams did a wonderful job as well playing Marilyn, but she hasn’t got the momentum of the other two ladies. Bearing in mind that my two absolute favorite movies of this year are The Help and The Artist, I want it to be Viola and I actually think it will be Viola, but on the other hand if she’s going to lose to anyone, let’s hope it’s Meryl.

As for Supporting Actresses, let’s go with Octavia Spencer (who will probably win) plus Jessica Chastain plus hopefully Melissa McCarthy and I’m also hoping Shailene Woodley gets a nomination too (for The Descendants). Perhaps Emma Stone too (come to think of it, who wasn’t wonderful in The Help?) What do you all think – especially since you’ve seen the nominations and I haven’t? Let’s make it easy for today’s poll. Let’s take three absolutely positive nomination shoe-ins and we’ll see where you guys weigh in on one particular race.

Today’s poll:

Feb. 26th’s Oscars may have a major Best Actress Showdown. Of the three ladies here, who’s your favorite to win?

1) Meryl Streep (The Iron Lady)

2) Michelle Williams (My Week With Marilyn)

3) Viola Davis (The Help)

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