What’s This Year’s Worst Best Picture Snub?

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Did Oscar get it right? Do you agree with yesterday’s nominations? Nor is there any doubt that the Meryl vs. Viola race seems to be THE question on everyone’s mind. How could it not be?

But what of Oscar’s snubs? We asked yesterday about the most shocking “oversights” and everyone seems to agree that Leo DiCaprio was the most egregious. So now let’s consider why voters acted as they did. Little Devil’s Advocate stuff here. Regards Leo… I have to ask (and I enjoyed J.Edgar and thought he did an awesome job)  — was he really the right guy for the role? I think he’s sensational, although I also feel that when he plays someone who’s really old, they better darn well get that makeup right. Which they did not. And do something magical with the audio, so that he doesn’t sound like a boyish movie star in his prime. Tough to say that effects matter, but they certainly play a role. And I have to say Leo may have picked the wrong role – he’s just too young.

No Bridesmaids for Best Picture…also not that surprising to me. Much as I adored it (and I did, along with everyone else I’ve ever met) the thing is still, in some respects, a raunchy comedy. Just like The Hangover. Much as I would have like to have seen it up there, something tells me Oscar voters decided that they wanted to get more serious this year. After all, when you’re dealing with nine films that are all pretty serious, to do with 1) war, 2) hijacking, 3) professional sports, 4) racial inequality, 5) infidelity, 6)20th century literary giants, 7) life in black & white, and um, 9) our existentialist quest for meaning  (I think) – it’s tough to see a silly, fun, raucous comedy in there. No matter how glorious it may be.

Why didn’t Tilda Swinton get nominated? No idea, except that Glenn Close is probably a better campaigner. She’s certainly more well-known. All we know about Tilda is that she is absolutely striking, impossibly talented, and not one if those actors who takes advantage of every PR opportunity. My guess is that Glenn Close – nominated five times but never a winner – is super familiar to voters, who realized that Albert Nobbs was a serious labor of love. Let’s face it – it’s not a film everyone’s going to run out and see. Voters also know that no one but Meryl or Viola will win so, why not toss Glenn a bone? Besides, Tilda Swinton’s film, while obviously beautifully done, may be too touchy a subject still. That, and she already has an Oscar.

Not sure why Albert Brooks got snubbed – and didn’t see Drive – although I’m told it’s a bit violent so perhaps this turned voters off (not that it stopped them from going with Rooney Mara). Why the very, very good kid from The Descendants Shailene Woodley got passed over is anyone’s guess. Maybe voters think she’s young and will have plenty more chances to shine. Maybe they know Octavia Spencer will walk away with it so they focused on other things.

Those are just my guesses, who knows what voters were thinking? Now, let us know your thoughts by weighing in on notable Best Picture snubs.

Today’s Poll:

None of these movies got an Oscar Best Picture Nomination. Which of them deserved one?

1)   Harry Potter (DH2)

2)   Bridesmaids

3)   The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

4)   The Ides of March

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