Awards Shows…How Much Is Too Much?

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It’s the first of February, only twenty five days until the 2012 Academy Awards, and dare I say it? I am suffering from awards show fatigue. I know, I know, not something you’d expect to find posted on the website of the People’s Choice Awards, but I cannot lie. We’re barely one month into the new year and I’ve already seen what seems like the same awards show about three times, and while I’ll never stop watching, I can’t help but wonder why it feels like Groundhog Day each time.

Is it me or has it always been this way? Were the same handful of  films, TV shows and actors always up for all of the awards each season? It does make sense- the cream rises to the top, after all, but perhaps I never used to notice because all I really cared about was seeing my favorite celebrities acting “like me,” giving awkward acceptance speeches and showing genuine anxiety and humility from the podium. And I guess I never tired of it. Or maybe it’s because I didn’t religiously watch every event. I do remember watching the Oscars every year, and of course the Grammys, though that’s a whole other animal (and I’ll never forget my first time experiencing it live at the Staples Center, but we’ll get to that another day). Plus, in my defense, there have been some relatively new additions: SAG Awards came on the scene in 1995, as did the Critics’ Choice Awards- which has undoubtedly contributed to the fact that my childhood memories of red carpet season are so different from today’s reality.

Be that as it may, I will still watch every last one and will always be a faithful fan. I guess I’ll just have to embrace my fatigue and celebrate the fact that Hollywood will never run out of red carpets, designer gowns, and coveted trophies to award the hard working and talented actors, as well as the notable films and TV productions, most deserving of the recognition they are bestowed each year.

And the best part is, we get to produce the first awards show of the year where the fans choose who wins, and the results are anything but predictable. Fatigue hath no place here.

Voice your choice in today’s featured poll and let us know which of the awards shows that have aired so far this season is your favorite?

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