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While I still find it hard to believe that last night was her first time performing at the Super Bowl, Madonna can add another success to her ever-growing resume.  Actress, director, dancer and above all, a music icon- I was sort of shocked to find out that this woman even had the ability to get nervous.  I mean, a nervous Madonna?  Sounds like an oxymoron if you ask me.  But in nearly every interview leading up to the big halftime show, the music superstar talked of nerves and pressure. Well, the Queen of Pop can breathe a sigh of relief.  Aside from enduring the obvious criticisms that are to be expected when one sings to a track during a “live” performance, my bet is that Madonna is enjoying high praise this morning.  And really, anyone who can move like that in stiletto boots is entitled to lip sync (it’s why I’ll never fault Beyonce or J.Lo for lipsyncing either-pure jealousy of how these women can dance…in heels no less).

Maybe it’s because she’s a veteran performer but if Madonna was feeling nervous, I certainly couldn’t tell.  She masked it well, gracefully transitioning between songs and generously sharing the spotlight with guest stars LMFAO, Nicki Minaj, M.I.A. and Cee-Lo Green.  And while I could have done without the grandeur of the gladiator entrance (especially her ornate headpiece), I cannot deny my supreme appreciation for the back up choir on “Like A Prayer.”  There’s just something about a choir that makes me innately happy, particularly when led by Madonna.  And although I’d consider it a tame performance by Madonna’s standards, I enjoyed getting back to basics.  No inappropriate wardrobe, no kissing her guest stars- just pure fun with a touch of nostalgia wrapped up in a solid performance.  Madonna was so tame in fact that it’s her guest star M.I.A. who caused the only notable controversy by flashing the middle finger during her segment.

The halftime show didn’t account for the only performances of the night as NBC blatantly promoted “The Voice” stacking the Super Bowl with its’ stars. From Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s version of “America the Beautiful” to Cee Lo appearing with Madonna to several promos including a commercial spot featuring Betty White, it was hard to forget what was coming on after football.  Honestly, I half expected to see a cut away of Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera sharing popcorn in box seats.  But as a fan of the show and a sucker for a good country duet, I didn’t really mind.

So as a sports fan, a lover of live event TV and as someone who got to wake up in a Super Bowl title winning city this morning, I would consider last night a success from start to finish (although technically I’m an Eagles fan).  But now I want to hear from you-and whether you were rooting for the Giants or the Patriots is secondary- because what I really want to know is, which song in Madonna’s halftime set was your favorite?

Give Me All Your Luvin

Like A Prayer



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