Stop Trying to Make Smash Happen; It’s Not Going to Happen!

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I’m bummed, you guys.  Smash has all the makings to be my new favorite TV show.  Show tunes? Check. Beautiful underdog gets her chance to shine? Check. Grace Adler DEBRA MESSING? Check. But there’s a problem– it’s called overexposure.

It’s no secret that NBC wants us to watch this show.  They want us to live it, breathe it, have it over for dinner.  It’s like they’ve forgotten they have any other shows on the air (except for The Voice — and that’s a whole other blog post).  In case you’ve been living under a meteor-sized rock, the show follows the making of a major Broadway production about Marilyn Monroe.  And while Marilyn was flashy, over-the-top, and impossible to ignore, the show makes me want to do just that and forget Smash ever happened.

Remember when Glee premiered in 2009? Fox gave us a taste of the pilot after the season finale of American Idol and left us salivating for more (OK, really it was the Journey hook that sealed the deal). When September finally rolled around, we were treated to an entire season of poppy, gleeful goodness and the show became a massive hit.  With Smash, they’ve forgone the tiny taste and instead dumped a big ol’ truckload of cheesy dialogue (“She glows!”), blonde wigs and oh man, if I hear ‘Beautiful’ one more time… How will Smash become “appointment television” when we already can’t get away from it?

 My suggestion? Spread the love, NBC! Most of your shows are great and just need a few more eyeballs to guarantee they’ll see another year on the air.  Instead of putting all your eggs into Smash‘s basket, give a little to Parenthood! How about promoting Parks and Recreation?  Community is begging for some love. When NBC decides to let those other beautiful underdogs shine, they’ll have my full attention.

 What do you think, Buzz Bloggers — Does the Smash-vertising turn you off? Sound off in the comments! And while you’re at it, voice your choice and tell us which notorious TV show underdog is your favorite?

1.)      Community

2.)      Cougartown

3.)      Arrested Development

4.)      Freaks and Geeks

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