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I love Guns N’ Roses. And it’s not only because my husband and I shared our first kiss during November Rain or that our first dance was to Patience. I’m just a true fan who loves to rock out to their amazing guitar riffs, sing at the top of my lungs along with Axl and listen to all their albums – including Chinese Democracy. So I’m psyched about the tickets I have to their NYC concert next week and I’m super psyched to have been invited to attend their induction ceremony to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April. What songs will they perform? Who will show up? What time will Axl decide to play? I can’t wait to discover the answers to these frequently asked questions alongside my fellow GN’R fans.

Speaking of my fellow GN’R fans, and speaking of fans in general… when you find yourself waiting in-line, in the rain, for 36 hours, next to a creepy-creeperson-long-haired lumberjack, just so you can get a back-row seat, do you ask yourself, if this is really worth it? Of course not! Fans do what is necessary to get near to and witness their favorites share their gift.  Now, the days of camping out in front of the venue have gone extinct thanks to the ease of online buying but we still do put ourselves through the ringer to get the best spot / get dripped on / catch a flying drumstick. We hold in the urge to pee for hours on end just so we don’t lose our spot in the front row. We deck ourselves out in outrageous makeup and even more outrageous clothes that we normally wouldn’t be caught dead in. Why? Cause the music we love does more than simply entertain us. It speaks to us, reminds us of the happiest times in our lives – heck we base our wedding ceremonies around it… you don’t see couples gazing into each other’s eyes as they screen clips of their favorite Seinfeld episodes or quote Adventures in Babysitting. And when it’s live – forget about it. The guy next to you is instantly your best friend. You somehow know the lyrics to every song (or at least you think you do, i.e. “She was a fax machine, she kept her modem clean”). And the experience you share with the date/friend/cousin you bring with you is one you talk about forever – in a yearbook, in a maid of honor speech, in an eulogy. Ah, good times.

So it’s a little off topic, since I was too young to have seen the Appetite for Destruction tour, but I wanted to share my favorite concert memory. It’s definitely a little lame to admit it took place at Woodstock ’99 but it was during one of my favorite band’s performances – the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They had just finished a rousing rendition of “Suck my Kiss” when they left the stage suddenly, only to be replaced by the event organizer who alerted us that we were surrounded by fire. I climbed up on my boyfriend-at-the-time’s shoulders and sure enough, all 350,000 of us were encircled by several bonfires, created out of garbage by the outskirting fans. Yeah, it was that Woodstock. But, while this moment could have instantly turned catestrophic, the Chili Peppers came back on stage and leapt into a performance of Jimi Hendrix’ “Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire.” The crowd went wild, forgot about the danger and celebrated the music. I had a good time. I hope everyone was OK.

So you know now my taste in music, and I want to know which Gun’s N Roses song is your favorite. Maybe this poll will inspire you to write you own, using your favorite bands and songs.

November Rain


Sweet Child of Mine

Welcome to the Jungle

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