Overheard in NYC

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Girl 1: “You guys, I totally thought that Zooey Deschanel killed it on SNL last night.”

Girl 2: “Are you kidding me? I can’t stand her on New Girl.”

Girl 1:“Yeah, but at least she can make fun of herself, unlike whats-her-face from Glee.”

Girl 3: “Girls, chill – Can we get to what really matters? I’m up to episode 5 of Homeland!”

Girl 2: [sticks fingers in ears] “DON’T TELL ME! DON’T TELL ME! DON’T TELL ME! Lisa! You know I’m only up to episode 3.”

Twas the scene I overheard while grabbing a cup of coffee on Sunday morning. “Zooey DID kill it last night,” I thought to myself.  “And what’s-her-face seriously needs to lighten up.” “Episode 5 IS good. Girl 2, you need to step on it.”

And then it hit me – Do I watch too much TV? What are the chances that I would watch (and love) all three shows? I got to counting.  Shameless on Sundays, Real Housewives (yeah, I said it) on Mondays, Glee, New Girl and Parenthood on Tuesdays. Don’t even get me started on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I need to sit down. I need water. “SOMEONE GET ME WATER!” I shouted. (No I didn’t, but how glamorous/sad would that be?)

I needed some air. I grabbed my drink, pulled my hat over my ears and headed out into the frigid February air.  The hours of couch-time started piling up in my head.  9, 10, 11… 15, 16, 17. Seventeen hours of TV per week. Sure, I utilize my DVR to save up some eps for weekend lethargy but as I pound the pavement I realize far too much of my time is parked on my merlot-colored love seat.

What do I do? Do I give it up? Get another hobby?  You’re right, it’s about time I learned how to knit.  So I pull out my phone, Yelp the nearest crafts store (ugh it’s all the way up town) and hail a cab with the grace and confidence of a young Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada (at least that’s how I see it).  Seventy blocks later, I’ve arrived at my glittery, potpourri-smelling destination and head straight to the yarn.  I’m almost derailed by the ribbon and fake flowers, but I’m determined, I tell you! Nothing will stand in the way of my new, fabulous hobby.  Knits and purls, purls and knits. Ugh, a phone call.

“Hey what’s up?”

“Wanna come over and watch the Grammy’s?”

“Be there in 10.”

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! To celebrate, tell us your favorite celebrity named after the age-old V-day gift of flowers!

1.)           Rose Byrne

2.)           Lily Collins

3.)           Daisy Fuentes

4.)          Poppy Montgomery

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