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I love HBO. Yes it’s expensive. Yes it’s provocative. Yes it’s violent. But it’s just so darn good! The caliber of acting, the writing, the creativity… It really is the only TV I consider “appointment TV” since I hate how easy a cliffhanger can be revealed via an entertainment website or social media platform. I actually had to de-friend someone on Facebook last year for ruining the shocking beheading on Game of Thrones. There is just too much at stake not to watch!

My favorite show, may it rest in peace, was Deadwood. Pure genius. When I listened to the dialogue I felt like I was listening to a Shakespearean play. And I loved being transported back in time to the old west – it really gave you a sense of how far America has come. And that Timothy Olyphant… I wouldn’t mind pulling up a stool at The Gem next to him. Next, I have to reveal my overwhelming admiration for The Wire. Such a gritty, eye-opening show about the poverty and drug epidemic of inner-city Baltimore, which told the story of how far the police are willing to go to catch the bad guys. Truly gut wrenching stuff. Now, before I get ostracized from the People’s Choice production staff community, I will spend some time talking about the brilliance that is Sex and the City.

Oh, how I loved that show. Oh how I looked up to those women and saw parallels between their lives and mine. I thought it was so beautiful how close they all were – a fact that was so eloquently said by Mr. Big in season 6 with the quote “You are the loves of her lives, and a guy would be lucky to come in fourth.” But here comes the problem. I loved that show so much, and felt such a connection to it through my high school and college years, that went it ended, I made my peace with it and said goodbye to Sex and the City. So, naturally, I refused to see the movie. It is still a source of hilarity/confusion for my co-workers why I wouldn’t want to celebrate the ladies once again in a full 2-hour, motion picture extravaganza but I couldn’t watch Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha make the same mistakes all over again. It would have been too hard. Now, years later, I did allow myself the pleasure of seeing the second SATC movie, for the sheer enjoyment of seeing the clothes and listening to them laugh, but I remain determined to leave the original movie unwatched forever. I already know John’s name. There’s nothing else I need to know.

I could go on. I loved The Sopranos. I am loving Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire and I am anxiously anticipating falling in love with Luck. If I could have my druthers, I’d make the Emmys pull out the HBO shows and give them their own categories cause it’s just so unfair to the other shows to have to go up against the actors, writers and creators of these shows. Hmmm, maybe I can get a Favorite HBO Show category going for the PCAs. Would you guys vote for that? In the meantime, tell us which former HBO show was your favorite.


Sex and the City

The Sopranos

The Wire

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