Awards Season goes out WITHOUT a bang

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What’s commonly known as “awards” season has come to close with last night’s Academy Awards and I gotta say I found it to be a rather lackluster grand finale.  Sure, there were morsels of goodness sprinkled throughout but on the whole, I found myself kinda bored.  I can’t say I’m extraordinarily surprised by my reaction, just disappointed I guess.  I’ve watched nearly all of the awards shows this season (and every season) yet I always look forward to the Oscars.  I’m not sure if it’s because it’s like the “championship” of the awards season and the other shows seem like playoffs, but there is definitely a higher level of esteem associated.  But last night’s show left me longing for an edge of my seat, adrenaline pumping surprise moment that turns the momentum around.  It never happened…at least not for me.

However, there were a handful of moments that did have some shine.  I enjoyed Billy Crystal as host.  Despite the obvious plastic surgery and hair dying he’s had done,  I’ve always liked his opening musical numbers combining all the best picture nominees into song.  The cleverness never fails to impress me.  And  even though it could be considered juvenile humor, the Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis bit made me laugh.  As did the Ben Stiller/Emma Stone moment (she’s just plain likable!)  I was happy to see Octavia Spencer take home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress and found it especially endearing when she thanked “the world” in her excitement.  And  I thought it was nice of Meryl to mention her makeup artist who had also won earlier in the evening.  Makeup artist/actor relationships have always intrigued me as I am pretty positive hair and makeup people know more than almost anyone about actors lives.

Then there were the things I found less appealing.  The constant feedback of the microphone was distracting…the producers could have used some of those sound mixing winners to come and help them out.  I also found the numerous shots of the band in the side balconies a bit perplexing.  I mean, what was Pharrell doing drumming at the Oscars? Did this confuse anyone else?  I had high hopes for the Cirque Du Soleil segment, which started off strong with the North By Northwest bit but sort of fizzled after that.  Even the “In Memoriam” tribute didn’t get me as misty as usual.  And really Angelina, was it necessary to pose displaying your leg like that?  Eat a hamburger pleaseee!!

Curiously, I found the most entertaining part of the night to be the promo spots for the new ABC comedy Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23.  The cameo by Bryan Cranston was brilliant (Breaking Bad fans will know what I mean) and the appearance of Drew Droege from the hilarious “Chloe Sevigny” spoofs on YouTube (if you haven’t seen them, check them out)  is enough for me to tune in to the premiere.

Anyway, I think you can tell that if I’m more excited about a 30 second sitcom promo than a three hour awards show ceremony, the broadcast left something to be desired.  Nevertheless, I’m sure I’ll tune in again next year-if for nothing more than to hear a heartfelt speech.  So now I turn it over to you to tell us whose Oscar winning acceptance speech was your favorite last night?

Jean Dujardin

Christopher Plummer

Octavia Spencer

Meryl Streep

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