Country music is an acquired taste

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I’m a huge country music fan.  Though I must admit this hasn’t always been the case.  If you asked me 10 years ago, country would have been one of the music genres on my “don’t like” list (which is actually very short.)  But I’ve been completely converted-so much so that now when I’m alone, it’s almost always country that I choose first.  I say when I’m alone because I have found country music to be very dividing.  I have many friends who HATE it, some who will tolerate it and those who love it as much as I do.

But I have a theory about country music.  I call it the acquired taste theory.  For example, when most people try salt & vinegar chips or red wine or coffee for the first time, it’s not instant love.  Sometimes you have to try things more than once to acquire a taste for them.  And more often than not, these are things that are easy to become addicted to.  That’s what happened to me…with all of those things, especially country music.

One summer day, I was driving with my sister, who has long been a country music fan and since it was her car, she got to control the radio.  I rolled my eyes at first but then a song came on that I couldn’t help but like.  Full disclosure, it was Gretchen Wilson’s Homewrecker (and to this day, I’m not sure what that says about me.)  Later that week, I found myself choosing to put on the country radio station in hopes of hearing it again.  Obviously, that meant listening to many other songs while I waited.  As I listened, I realized that the list of songs I wanted to hear again kept growing.  Could it be?  Had I been wrong all along?  Did I actually enjoy country music?  Who knew??

Since that summer, I’ve attended upwards of a dozen country music concerts.  The ultimate experience being a Sugarland show where I wound up front row and arms length from Jennifer Nettles and Bon Jovi.  I have downloaded countless country songs, been line dancing, traveled to Nashville to visit the Country Music Hall of fame and even ran talent hospitality for a Montgomery Gentry benefit concert.  As you can see, I’m hooked and happily so (despite the disapproval of my country hating cronies).

It was hard to narrow down my list of favorites but now I turn it over to you to see which favorites we have in common.  Which of these four country music artists makes the top of your list?

Lady Antebellum

Miranda Lambert


Zac Brown Band

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