Casting Corner: Pilot Season 2012

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I love this time of year.  March is great month because not only do we gain an extra hour of sunshine or because March Madness begins but mostly because it means it’s pilot season!  Pilot season is that time of year when you start to hear rumblings about which of your favorite actors may be returning to TV in the upcoming season.  Now of course, these pilots still have to be officially picked up by the networks but even the idea of my favorite faces possibly returning to TV gets me excited!   And from what I’ve heard so far, this season is no exception.  I usually get excited about new shows for a few basic reasons: the plot, the cast and the showrunner/writers.  This year I’m highly anticipating two new dramas (I’m torn about which one I can’t wait to see more) and a comedy!

The first, currently titled County, is an hour-long drama “about a group of doctors, nurses and administrators who work in a struggling hospital in Los Angeles.”  The series is being developed by Jason Katims and will star Jason Ritter.  They had me at “Jason” (either one, really.)  Katims is a writer/producer whose work on Friday Night Lights, My So-Called Life and Parenthood has earned him a top spot in my TV watching heart.  And Jason Ritter, well I cannot NOT fall in love with him every time that adorable face hits the screen.  Although, I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed at what this may mean for the Sarah/Mark romance on Parenthood should it be picked up.  But I digress, I would tune in for these two men alone but that fact that it is set in the medical world, that’s just icing on the cake.  E.R. remains one of my all-time favorite shows and I frequently catch both Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.  I mean, really, who isn’t  sucker for medical dramas??

The second show in contention for my affection is Nashville.  This show, also a drama, has been described as “a family soap set against the backdrop of the Nashville music scene.”  Umm, it is as if this show was developed specifically for me.  Family soapy goodness-check. Nashville music scene-check.  Connie Britton as the lead- check PLUS!  I actually get giddy at the thought of how much I love the premise of this show.  Not to mention the fact that the possibilities for amazing country music guest stars are endless.  I really hope this show lives up to its potential or else I will be supremely disappointed.

When it comes to the comedy I’m most stoked for, it’s all about the cast!  Bryan Greenberg, from One Tree Hill, the unfortunately short-lived October Road,  How to Make It In America and my personal favorite Prime, stars as the male lead opposite Joanna Garcia-Swisher.  The CBS comedy is still untitled but I don’t really care what they call it because with these two starring, I’ll definitely be giving it a shot.  Garcia-Swisher found fame on Reba but hasn’t faired as well recently with Privileged and Better With You both only lasting one season.  Her adorable charm and comedic timing makes it impossible for me not to root for her.  Plus, I think these two could have some really great chemistry, so here’s to hoping!

These are just a sampling of what is on tap for the upcoming TV season but there is plenty more in that well of greatness.  So now I turn it over to you to tell us which male star that may be returning to TV next season is your favorite?

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