Zou Bisou Bis-OOH LA LA

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Well ladies and gentlemen, we just witnessed a huge weekend across all three platforms of Movies, Music and Television. While The Hunger Games premiere took precedent among the prepubescent set (and let’s be honest – a whole lot of older folks as well), it wasn’t the only Goliath in town.

After 18 long (long, long) months, Mad Men finally returned to our television sets. Not only were we given a full two hours of 1966 goodness (with at least a full 22 minutes before the first commercial even aired) but we now have good ol’ Mrs. Draper to thank for the one song that will never leave our mushy little brains. That’s right — “Zou Bisou Bisou” is now a part of our every day lexicon and you can bet your Heinz Baked Beanz it’ll be sitting pretty in Webster’s English Dictionary right between EVOO and Bootylicious in a matter of days.  But what a fun episode, ammiright?  Sure it was a little slow in parts, but that’s what Mad Men is all about! The brilliance sneaks up on you when you least expect it.  I think that after 18 long (long, long) months it was a good choice for the creators to reel the audience back in slowly so that the first go ’round allowed us to marinate with the characters and get a feel for the world again.  That way, when you least expect it, someone’s foot can get run over by a lawn mower at a Sterling Cooper Draper Price Christmas party and shock your pointy-bra off.

On another note (get it? ’cause I’m about to talk about music?), many gals (and guys)..(but mostly gals) not dreaming of a life on Madison Avenue, were treated to the new musical stylings of one Mr. Justin Bieber.  He’s been teasing it for weeks and on Sunday finally released his new single “Boyfriend”.  For research purposes only, (Ed. note: Not the ONLY reason) I listened to the song.  It’s definitely a new angle for the young crooner, most specifically because he whisper-raps the verses, a la Snoop Dog in “Drop it Like It’s Hot” and singsongs the chorus not unlike a young — but not *NSYNC young — Justin Timberlake. Clearly it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, as one tweet about it from the @PeoplesChoice Twitter feed elicited 75+ replies in a matter of minutes. Listen to the new tune here.

In Hunger Games news, I, like millions of my closest friends, blew off actual, sociable weekend plans to see Katniss (and let’s face it, Gale and Peeta) in the flesh at my nearest multiplex. I was super excited to see Panem come to life, especially those goons from the Capital, the arena itself and the lamb stew so deliciously illustrated in the pages of the book.  Without giving away any important spoilers, I was definitely pleased with the way it turned out, as it gave a depth to the imagery I only knew in my own mind. While lamb stew never made an appearance (womp, womp) I thought the filmmakers did a great job translating the book to the screen — any movie that can last for two and a half hours without boring our socks off is a success in my book.

Phew, someone get me a Gatorade, I’m worn out just talking about the weekend! Which of this weekend’s events was your favorite?

The Hunger Games premiere

Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” release

Mad Men season premiere

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