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What a fun couple of weeks it’s been for the pop culture enthusiasts! Madonna‘s MDNA officially hit stores last Thursday, The Hunger Games made its big screen debut a week and half ago and Game of Thrones returned to HBO’s Sunday night lineup last weekend. Heavenly! Now, I’m pretty sure we can count on PCA nominations for both Madge and THG, but since the HBO shows have a limited audience, compared to other dramas i.e. The Good Wife, it will be interesting to see what makes it, come November. While I unfortunately haven’t listened to the entire MDMA album yet, I do have some thoughts on the movie and show that are front and center in the pop culture conversation as of late.

First off let me say that I loved The Hunger Games book series. Loved. Thought it was a fun read and enjoyed the detailed descriptions very much. Didn’t really care too much about the love story (I rarely do) but it was a great way to occupy me during my daily 40 minute ride on the A train. And I’m not a complete young-adult novel devotee – I simply like what I like (Lord of the Rings) and ignore what I don’t (Twilight series). So I went into the theater this past weekend hoping for and expecting an epic storytelling – one that complimented the drama and grandiose tale of Katniss and her vivid struggles in the arena – just as the book so perfectly did. And I have to admit, I was disappointed. The Tracker-Jackers were so much cooler in the book – and scarier – and why didn’t we see the faces of the dead tributes within the attack dogs which killed Cato and Thresh? I expected an epic movie with long drawn out fight scenes and what I got were jerky camera moves which made it difficult to see who was grabbing what from the Cornucopia and who was fighting who. I also could have been brought into Katniss’ struggle to keep alive – I barely got the notion that she was starving and on the verge of death by natural causes at any minute. Moving on…

I thought the season premiere of Game of Thrones was pretty good. My hate for Cersei is stronger, my love for Tyrion is stronger and I’m obviously very concerned for the young women who live north of the wall with their father/husband. Ew. I love that Daenerys is not all powerful yet. When last season ended, and she was found in the center of the fire pit with the hatched dragons on her shoulder (that’s an odd sentence out of context), I thought her return to power would be quick. But instead, the story will take time to build since the dragons are babies and need to be fed – a point of realism I appreciated. Speaking of realism, I also loved the scene where Rob’s wolf threatened Jaime – very poignant. Oh, how I love the escape GOT brings me on Sunday nights.

Again, apologies that I can’t provide a track by track review of MDNA but alas, I am not yet qualified to do so. But I’m sure many of you so are. So, vote on which of these recent pop culture releases is your favorite and tell us your thoughts on all of them on Facebook!

HBO’s Game of Thrones
Lionsgate’s The Hunger Games
Madonna’s MDNA

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