Monday Madness

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I’m overwhelmed by the amount of TV I want to watch on Mondays. With so many options, fitting everything in is tricky.  I’ve finally mastered a system where some get DVR’ed, some get streamed and some get downloaded via iTunes.  Maybe I’m too committed to too many series, but I have a thing where I need to watch shows to completion.  From series premiere to series finale.  I’ll admit it’s a little easier for me to keep up as I have two DVRs in my apartment…an apartment I live in by myself, so you would think I’d only need one.  You would be wrong.  I’m not proud.

But I digress. It’s Monday and there are so many things to watch! Since I happen to be the one writing this blog, here are my five favorite shows airing tonight in alphabetical order because I couldn’t manage to rank them.  Maybe you’ll be inspired to try something new!

Bethenny Ever After – I love this woman.  I love Jason.  I love Bryn.  I love Julie.  I love Cookie.  And do you know what I love more than anything? That apartment she’s designing.  It’s amazing.

Castle – What’s better than an expertly crafted will-they-or-won’t-they love story? I can’t think of much.  Plus, in this case you top the series off with an incredibly charming performance by Nathan Fillion.  Can you imagine anyone else playing Castle? Probably not given his win at this year’s PCAs.

Gossip Girl – You have to give credit to the people behind Gossip Girl.  When the series started, would you have guessed you’d be rooting for Blair/DAN at some point down the road?

How I Met Your Mother – This has been a favorite of mine since its first season.  Living in NYC I can relate to a lot of the city humor – that episode where they can’t remember where they had the best burger ever? That happens.  I’m invested at this point – I need to meet the mother!

Make It Or Break It – I have a confession. While I love me some Secret Life and some MIOBI, I’m going through Pretty Little Liars withdrawals. However, watching The Rock girls fight their way onto the Olympic team is a good way to fill the PLL void. I do wonder about Emily. I hope she’s well!

Also being recorded?  The Voice, 2 Broke Girls, Mike & Molly and The Secret Life of the American Teenager.  Needless to say I have plenty to do on Tuesday.

And while I don’t watch these, Two and a Half Men, Bones, Dancing with the Stars, House, Smash, Hawaii Five-O, Hart of Dixie and Inside the Actors Studio (with the cast of Glee) are also on tonight.  Plus, I’ll bet that’s not even a complete list.

Do you see what I’m saying?!?  Mondays are so overwhelming!


What are you watching tonight?

Dancing with the Stars

Inside the Actors Studio

The Voice

Two and a Half Men

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