My Teenage Dreams Are Better Than Your Teenage Dreams

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I took a trip back home this weekend to celebrate the holidays and by default, to do a little spring cleaning.  But this wasn’t an ordinary spring cleaning.  You see, my parents are moving and since I now live in a different city, most of my childhood possessions need to move too (re: to the trashcan). Don’t worry — my baby teeth, my letters from overnight camp that are stained with tears and about 400 stuffed animals that for some reason I LITRALLY can’t get rid of, will live safely in storage.  Anyway, while I was separating my tweenage treasure into keep, store and trash piles, I started to reminisce about the good old days; choreographed dances to No Scrubs, pressure to craft the perfect “doin’ homework” AIM away messages and all those movies I spent my weekly allowance on to see on the big screen.  While I could write a 500-word blog on each and every one of them (even Drive Me Crazy, starring a pre-Entourage Adrian Grenier), I thought I’d take a moment to share my absolutely favorite teen flicks. Now before you get your Limited Too panties in a bunch, I am a child of the 90s, so therefore my faves are the cream of the crop from that glorious time. I’ll leave the earlier classics to the experts.  Without further ado:

Can’t Hardly Wait – Aside from the future celebs bursting at every seam of this 1998 graduation night flick, the film totally holds up after all these years! It’s funny, it’s sweet, it’s poignant.. and did I mention the celebs? Jason Segel (blink and you’ll miss it!) Jennifer Love Hewitt, Seth Green, Melissa Joan Hart, Jaime Pressly, Peter Facinelli, about every actor from Six Feet Under.. the list goes on and on. Nerds, jocks, burnouts.. every high school personality was represented and everyone else could relate.  While slightly far-fetched, I can’t help but think that a guy really could meet an angel/stripper in a phone booth while listening to Barry Manilow on the night of his graduation and end up with his high school crush before heading off  to the army. A girl can dream anyway..

Mean Girls – Hands down the funniest teen comedy to ever grace my dorm room TV/DVD combination player.  There’s a reason it’s played on repeat on TBS and there’s a reason I’ll never skip over it.  It’s quotable (“Stop trying to make fetch happen; it’s not going to happen), it’s relatable (who didn’t cut holes in the chest of their t-shirts to look like the most popular girl in school?) and it shares an important message while still managing to be LOL funny. “One time Regina George punched me in the face.. it was AWESOME.” Case. rested.

She’s All ThatPaul Walker in a letterman jacket? Check. Rachel Leigh Cook in a falafel hat? Check. Cool boy meets nerdy girl and makes a bet that he can turn her into prom queen? Check! Check! Check!

Not Another Teen Movie – NATM (not to be confused with the other NATM) takes every cliche we love about teen movies and heightens the absurdities (take glasses off of a hot girl and like MAGIC! she’s still hot).  While this could have been just another genre send-up, the movie is actually really, truly funny and earns it’s own spot on my list of teen favorites.  If you wrote it off the first time, I implore you — give it another shot!

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