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I just read that FOX, as part of their 25th-anniversary celebration, will re-air the pilot episode of Married…With Children, which originally aired on April 5, 1987. This news just makes me smile. There are a lot of good TV shows to come out of the 1980s but Married…With Children was one of those shows that broke molds, made people laugh and showcased some real talent (evidenced by the fact that 3 of the 4 main characters currently star on hit TV shows). Full disclosure, I didn’t watch MWC from the beginning, as I was only 6 years old in 1987.  But as I entered my pre-teens, and it became a show I always felt a little naught watching, I followed it through until its conclusion in 1997 (and beyond in re-runs). I’m truly excited to watch the pilot and fall in love with Kelly, Al, Peggy and Bud all over again. Read on to see what other shows spoke to me during this time.

Perfect Strangers – the feel-good comedy about Larry and his distant cousin Balki that ran from 1986 to 1993. As the anchor of ABC’s original TGIF lineup, it wasn’t as cheesy as Full House or Family Matters because it didn’t focus on the traditional family and all the drama that comes with not getting asked to the prom by your super-cute crush. It was about two guys in the big city, with their stewardess girlfriends who lived down the hall and the comedy that ensued from one of them being an immigrant from Mypos. Gold!

Beauty and the Beast – OMG I loved this show. From 1987 until in went off the air in 1990, I was obsessed with the show that TV Guide ranked as one of the Top Cult Shows Ever. Do you remember the opening credits where Vincent laid flat on top of the subway car to come out of the “World Below” and save Catherine in the “World Above?” Well I do, and I still look for Vincent anytime I get a top down view of an oncoming train. One day, he’ll be there..I know it!

A Different World – Now, of course it’s weird to mention A Different World without recognizing The Cosby Show but The Cosby Show is just kinda a given. Who doesn’t have The Cosby Show on every one of their lists of favorite things ever? See, I really, really liked the 1987 spin-off. Denise went off to college at Hillman (come to think of it, this was probably my first pop-culture introduction to people in college) and I watched the characters make friends with roommates in their dorms, protest inequality on their campus and, to top it all off, Denise would call her dad every once in a while for a bit of tender loving comedy (he would usually just tell her to get a job). I loved Dwayne Wayne and Whitley Gilbert and all of the other quirky characters. Well done, NBC.

So those are my faves. Do you agree? Which one did you like the most? Tell us!

A Different World

Beauty and the Beast

Married… With Children

Perfect Strangers

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